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Water Pumps

Explore VEVOR's Premium Selection of Water Pumps for Efficient Water Management

Water pumps are necessary for irrigation, drainage, and pool maintenance. Excess water often becomes a headache; you would never like a flooded basement or an overflowing pool. If you want to manage the water system efficiently, an effective water pump is the only solution.  

VEVOR offers a versatile range of water pumps for various requirements. It has covered you, from high-performance pumps for industrial water distribution to primary household utility pumps. The pumps have advanced pumping mechanisms providing maximum flow rate. The motors are custom-built with added operation safety for durability. Plus, VEVOR pumps have economical price tags.  

Essential Water Pumps to Cover All Your Needs

Let’s explore essential types of water pumps that have extensive and efficient applications. Remember your specific requirements to single out the one you should buy. 

Vacuum Pumps 

These pumps employ a vacuum-assisted water irrigation, drainage, and dewatering mechanism. It creates a suction effect that helps moving water, especially where the water source is below the pump's level. 

Usually, vacuum pumps consist of a sealed motor and an impeller enclosed in a waterproof housing. This category has various pumps, including sump pumps, deep well pump, and high-performance submersible pump used for agricultural irrigation, construction, dewatering, etc. Vacuum pumps are helpful to protect your home from flooding.


Efficient fluid removal helps remove water quickly from depths

Energy efficient and low maintenance

Precise pressure and vacuum level control


Costly compared to other pump types

Macerator Pumps

It's a specialized category of pumps designed to break solid waste into smaller particles. They're extensively used for sewage blockages or at locations where waste disposal is difficult. These are more like utility pumps that you can use for motorhomes, campers, etc. 

The macerator pump is also called a trash pump due to its applications. Most people compare it with sump pumps, but their working principles differ. Moreover, macerator pumps extract waste water quickly from narrow or uphill pipes. 


Effective waste disposal and operation as trash pump 

Easy-to-install and space-saving


High energy consumption and initial cost

Swimming Pool Pumps 

Swimming pool pumps are used to circulate and filter water in swimming pools. They’re usually electric water pumps equipped with a low-power motor. The water passes through the pump and is filtered simultaneously. A sand filter pump is also attached to the main pump for added effectiveness.  

These types of water pumps are mandatory for pools. They help ensure water hygiene, prevent algae growth, and allow the distribution of pool chemicals. Swimming pool pumps are categorized separately due to their design and operation compared to conventional pumps. 


Improved water circulation and filtration

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Automatic control and operation


Require regular maintenance and cleaning

How to Choose the Best Water Pump? 

You must consider certain factors before buying a pump for water management. There are various types of pumps, including submersible pumps, vacuum pumps, etc. These factors will help you select the best option from various products available. 

Water Source & Volume Requirements 

The type of water source and the volume requirements are detrimental when choosing a pump. You should know the exact type of water source; it can be a river, well, or your pool. The volume requirement will help set a suitable flow rate to fulfill the required volume. 

If you want a pump for the pool, the pump’s power capacity will be low compared to the pump used for the well. Therefore, choose submersible sump pumps, well pumps, and others carefully.

Total Dynamic Head (TDH)

It's a critical factor that suggests the pump's capacity to lift or move water vertically and horizontally. For instance, when moving water from your flooded basement, the pump’s TDH must be higher than the basement’s height. 

The Total Dynamic Head of a deep well pump will be higher than submersive water pumps. You must calculate TDH accurately; getting professional help is better.

Power Source & Pump Efficiency

The power source directly affects the pump's efficiency, so it's essential to consider both together. There are fuel-powered, gas-powered, and electric water pumps available in the market, and their efficiency varies. 

You should choose the pump compatible with your power source and can provide the required efficiency. For instance, gas-powered pumps' performance is lower than the other two. 

Maintenance & Accessibility

Pumps are mechanical devices involving various moving components; maintenance is necessary to ensure longevity. Choose the pumps that are easy to maintain and their service centers are easily accessible. 

Given the pump's excess usage, choosing a brand without considering its service centers won't be a good idea. Try to maintain submersive water pumps more frequently, as they are prone to leaks. 


Compelling Features and Maintenance Tips for Water Pumps 

For convenience and better usability, the pump you're looking to buy should have variable speed control to maintain pressure and flow rate. It must have self-priming capability for intervention-free use. Smart monitoring and control, especially in swimming pools and sprinkler pumps, will be an added advantage. 

There are three best maintenance tips for pumps; if you use them, your pump will last a lifetime. Set bi-weekly or monthly inspection schedules for the pump to check everything from wiring to impeller. Next, ensure proper pump cleaning to prevent clogging or any build-up. Last, keep lubricating moving parts.

Explore VEVOR's Best Water Pumps

VEVOR has many pumps, including Vacuum PumpsHydraulic Pumps, and RV Water Pumps. They're known for custom-built design, unmatched efficiency, and advanced motor technology. VEVOR is selling water pumps that can be relied on!

VEVOR Shallow Well Jet Pump with Pressure Switch

The pump has a heavy-duty motor providing a 70 L/min flow rate. It is housed in a corrosion-resistant metal body. The pump also features thermal overload protection to ensure safety and allow prolonged use. Discover more!

VEVOR Gasoline Engine Water Pump 

This beast is powered with gasoline to pump  265 gallons of water per minute. It can be used to protect your home from flooding during flood emergencies. It is highly durable and has an environment-resistant aluminum body. Check out!

VEVOR Submersible Sump Pump Water Pump

These submersive water pumps are  IPX8 waterproof and made using tough and durable material. It can move water up 28' and pump 4320 gallons per hour. Plus, it is designed for hands-free operation and powered by a home supply. 

VEVOR RV Water Pump 5.3 GPM 5.5 Gallons Per Minute 

These advanced pumps are self-priming and have automatic pressure switch control. The flow rate is over 20 Liters per minute (5.5 GPM) at up to 70 psi pressure. With these pumps, pressure washing has become portable and convenient. Add this to your RV!

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR is a market leader providing its customers with hi-tech pumps. Their products are durable and long-lasting. Here’s more on why you should choose VEVOR:

Market Competitive Prices

VEVOR always delivers the best quality pumps at market-competitive prices. Their complete range of products is moderately priced with more focus on customer purchasing power. VEVOR has been selling water pumps for over a decade.


Advanced Technology & Design 

VEVOR rigorously invests in research and development to provide its customers with the best. VEVOR's R&D commitment is reflected in their products featuring the most advanced technology. 

Efficiency & Durability 

VEVOR products are efficient and made to last long. The motors and other components are tested on efficiency and then integrated into the final products. 

FAQs about Water Pumps

Q1: How do we determine pump size and capacity?

A1: The two factors, flow rate, and total dynamic head will help you determine the pump's required size and capacity. You can get professional help in determining these for accuracy and convenience. 

Q2: Can a single pump be used for different applications? 

A2: Some pumps may be versatile, but most are designed for specific applications. It's not recommended to use a single pump for different applications. However, you can’t use sprinkler pumps for pressure washing. 

Q3: How often do pumps require service and maintenance? 

A3: The maintenance and servicing frequency depends on the specific pump type and operating condition. You can go for bi-weekly or monthly maintenance for optimal use.