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VEVOR 120Inch Projection Screen 16:9 4K HDTV Movie Screen Fixed Frame 3D Projector Screen for 4K HDTV Movie Theater Outdoor Use(120inch)
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Projector Screens

Explore the Top-Notch Projector Screens at VEVOR

A projection screen can create a great home theater experience and provide a much better image quality. The portable projector provides even more convenience and is best used as an outdoor movie screen.

Different screen models cater to different kinds of usages. They have differences in screen material, size, and aspect ratio. Screen technology used in different screen models varies. Some options come with features like free-standing, and some have ambient light-rejecting features that enhance your experience of viewing your favorite tv show.

Different Kinds of Screen Models Available

Learning about different kinds helps you understand which suits you the best, and you can make a better call and improve your experience when watching a TV show. Here are some of the screen models to consider;

Reflected Light Projection Screen

These screens counteract the negative impact of the ambient light and are also called ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens. The screen material reflects the light and increases the contrast levels. This screen offers optical coating, too.


Suitable for daytime use

Wider viewing angle with large screen size

The screen reflects away glare


Comparatively expensive

Motorized Projection Screen

This type of projector screen comes with screen technology, which lets it be lowered or raised. It is very well suited for a home theater due to its flexibility and convenience, offering high-quality screen projection. This screen offers automation, space optimization, and a great appearance.


Saves space

Versatile aspect ratio

Remote control


High maintenance

Fixed Frame Projection Screen

Fixed frame projector screen is known for maintaining image quality. The exceptional picture quality is at times associated with elite screens. Even as an outdoor movie screen, this is a great choice. This movie screen is also particularly suitable for a home theater.


Great image quality

Compatible for outdoors 

Taut screen material


Difficult installation

What to Keep in Mind When Getting a Movie Projector

There is a lot to consider when you want to buy a portable projector. Purchasing a screen requires finding one that is good at managing reflected light and optimizing viewing angles. Following are a few things that you must consider.

Reliable Quality

A good quality screen projection lets you maximize your experience. Such screens have a better life as well. VEVOR provides elite screens that come with innovation and reliability.

Viewing Angle

You have to choose a projector with a wider viewing angle, as it will let everyone in the room enjoy whatever you are playing on the screen. Your whole experience will be uplifted as it will be immersive and consistent.

Reflected Light Management

Get a screen that has screen technology reflecting the light. This reflected light reduces glare and is suitable even in daylight or well-lit surroundings. This aspect also maintains the picture quality.

Primary Functions of a Movie Projector and Tips to Maintain it

Free-standing screens provide you convenience and let you enjoy better colors and brightness. Such screens can also control frame rate and provide video in sync with the audio. A projection screen reflects light to provide you with a better experience. Lens and focus adjustment also ensure that the image quality is not compromised.

Keep the screen clean and keep it in a ventilated place. If there are any filters, clean them regularly, too, to prevent build-up. Seek professional services if you face a significant technical or quality issue. If you must move the screen from one place to another, ensure it is safely kept.

Best Quality Movie Screens Available at VEVOR

There are various excellent quality projector screens available that you can find at VEVOR, but we have brought you a list of the best screens that you should consider buying.

VEVOR Tripod Projector Screen with Stand 100 inch

This tripod projector screen has a stand and lets you adjust the height. It can be widely used, for example, while playing video games, giving presentations, and other things. Its stand-out feature is its 160-degree Viewing Angle, which ensures clear projection.

VEVOR Movie Screen with Stand 180 inch Portable Projector Screen 

This screen with a stand at VEVOR provides HD projection. It is super easy to set up and use in different scenarios. This screen has excellent reviews on the website.

VEVOR Projector Screen Fixed Frame 130 inch Diagonal

This 130-inch projector screen has a wide application. This is very easy to clean, which makes it low maintenance. It comes with a reasonably large screen size. The aluminum alloy frame provides high quality and durability to this screen.

VEVOR Projector Screen Fixed Frame 135-inch Diagonal

Grab his 135 projector screen that provides you with quick installation and comes with superb screen material. It allows more people to enjoy it simultaneously due to its big display size.

VEVOR Tripod Projector Screen with Stand 90-inch

Bringing this 90-inch projector screen to you, which is a wide-angle screen. Height adjustment is also a feature of this screen. It is compatible with both indoor and outdoor environments.

Why Choose VEVOR to Buy a Movie Screen?

Why is VEVOR one of the best places to buy movie screens from? Following are a few aspects explaining what sets VEVOR apart.

Great Price Range

VEVOR is giving highly competitive prices as its products provide great value for money. There is no compromise on quality, yet the prices are lower than other marketplaces.

Customer Support

This brand provides safe and quick delivery along with responsive customer service. All the issues faced by the customers are addressed as soon as possible. This adds to the positive experience of the buyers.

Fast and Secure Delivery 

The products delivered are sensitively dealt with, keeping you from the stress of receiving broken or incomplete items. The fast delivery saves you time, and you do not have to wait for a lot of time.

FAQs about Projector Screen

Q1. Which movie screen is the best for the outdoors at VEVOR?

A1. VEVOR Inflatable Movie Screen 20FT Inflatable Projector Screen is among the best choices. It provides stability and has an extensive range. It is an enlarged display, which makes more people enjoy the movie.

Q2. Is a projector screen good for the eyes?

A2. Yes, the Projector sends indirect light to your eyes, which is comparatively gentler on the eyes. You must be mindful of the time you expose yourself to that light.

Q3. What type of movie screens are there?

A3. Front, 3D, or rear projection are some of the main types. The choice of screen type and surface depends on the kind of use and available space.