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Motorized TV Mount

Motorized TV Mount for Elevating Your Home Entertainment Setup

Motorized TV mounts are space-saving solutions to position TV units in bedrooms, living rooms, bars, etc. You will no longer need bulky tables for your TV or gaming setup. These sleek TV mounts don't occupy much space and allow you to position your TV at the best viewing angle. 

VEVOR provides motorized TV mounts with multiple height adjustment levels and two-way angle adjustments. The designs are sleek and stylish to complement your home decor. It'll redefine your home entertainment experience, no more sneak-peeks, and you will enjoy a clear view at the best viewing angle. 

Exclusive Motorized TV Mount Types Available at VEVOR  

TV mounts are categorized based on their functionality. Here are the exclusive TV mounts you can buy from VEVOR. 

TV Wall Mount 

These TV mounts are drilled into walls, and the TV unit is attached to the mount through its built-in fixtures. Most TVs have the wall mount feature; you can check whether your unit can be mounted on the wall. These are best used in small spaces, allowing you to position the TVs for perfect view. 

TV wall mounts are compact and easy to install. They allow you to adjust your TV at the best viewing position. TV wall mounts are a highly space-saving solution that doesn't take an inch of floor space. The TV mounted on the wall is better viewed and looks stylish. 

TV Mounted Stand 

TV stands are a suitable replacement for bulky tables used to place TVs in homes, offices, etc. They take up little space and look relatively modern. You can easily attach your TV to the stand without needing to drill holes and place it conveniently. 

TV stands are easy to install and provide height adjustment options. You can quickly move them around your space. The height adjustment allows you to adjust the TV for the best view. Plus, they are lightweight, sleek, and space-saving. 

Motorized TV Mounts

It's a particular category that includes motorized TV wall mounts and TV stands. These mounts allow multiple adjustments through a motorized mechanism. You can use a remote control to adjust height, rotate the TV, or adjust angles. You can easily get a remote control TV wall mount and TV stand. 

Remote control TV mount adds convenience to your home entertainment experience. You can easily adjust your TV’s position for the best view. Unlike fixed mounts, the remote control TV wall mount allows tilting and swiveling.

Essential Factors to Consider When Buying a Motorized TV Mount

You must consider the essential factors before buying a motorized TV mount. These will help you choose the perfect motorized TV mount per your needs. 

TV Size and Weight

You must know the dimensions and weight of your TV unit before going to the market. The motorized TV mounts have size and weight limitations; you must choose accordingly. You can check your TV's weight and size in its manual or online. Make sure the motorized TV mount you’re buying can support your TV. 

TV Mount Type

What type of TV mount do you need? It can be a motorized TV wall mount or a motorized TV stand. You can base your selection on space considerations, viewing position, and location. For instance, a motorized TV wall mount is best for small spaces; it'll not take an inch of your floor space. You should also consider your room layout. 

Adjustments and Positioning

TV mounts offer a range of motion adjustments like tilting, swiveling, extending, and rotating. You can choose the best compatible TV mount per your requirements. The motorized TV wall mount also has additional flip-on positioning; it's useful for shops and bars where you would not like the TV to block views. 

Control Options

A Motor TV mount can have both remote control and manual control options. It’s better to choose the remote control TV mount. Manual control is not feasible, especially with the wall mount. You should only go for a motorized tv wall mount with remote control. Besides, a motor TV mount with a remote control has more adjustment and positioning options than manual or basic mounts. 

Budget and Pricing 

Budget is the least consideration when buying a motor TV mount, but you should compare your options. There are multiple brand options in a single category, whether you buy a remote TV mount or a manually controlled mount. You can easily buy a value-to-money product after comparison. 

Best Features and Maintenance Tips for TV Mounts 

Many of the latest TV mounts have special features like remote-controlled positioning and adjustment capabilities like tilting, swiveling, extending, and rotating. These TV mounts have also become crucial to home automation systems and RVs, especially the motorized TV wall mount with remote control. 

These mounts are usually maintenance-free, but you can lubricate their moving parts and motor to ensure longevity. 

Best Motorized TV Mounts Available at VEVOR

Do you want an ergonomically designed TV mount? VEVOR is offering you the best range of TV mounts. You can get an 85-inch TV stand with a mounta 75-inch TV mount stand, and more.

VEVOR Universal TV Wall Mount Fits Most 37-70 inch TVs

Do you want to make your living space look more stylish? These 70 Inch Wall Mount

 TV brackets are something extraordinary. It has a remote-controlled height adjustment feature, which offers a 37" to 70" lift. 

VEVOR Full Motion TV Mount Fits Most 26-55 inch TVs

Are you worried about space? Use the 55-inch TV Mount Swivel carbon-steel wall mount for your TV unit. It allows multi-way adjustments for better viewing position. Get one to save your floor space without compromising on entertainment. 

VEVOR TV Stand Mount Fits 32 to 55-inch TVs

Get rid of wobbling and stay carefree with the Universal TV Base Stand Mount. It's sleek, stylish, and highly space-saving. The black tempered glass and steel structure looks fabulous in the living room and office cubicles. Explore to learn more!

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR TV mounts are designed to perfection with robust structure and support. You won’t find any better product anywhere else. VEVOR believes in delivering the best quality at the best price. From office supplies to office electronics and home equipment, VEVOR has got you covered!

VEVOR TV mounts have sleek and stylish designs with advanced features. If you want to add value to your space, there’s no better option than VEVOR. You are valued as a customer at VEVOR; a dedicated customer support team will answer all your queries and help you with any issues. 

FAQs about Smart Motorized TV Mounts

Q1: Is a remote TV mount a good option? 

A1: Yes, the controlled wall mount is easy to operate. You can conveniently adjust your viewing position or change the height. A remote-controlled wall mount will reduce your effort and add value to your entertainment experience. 

Q2: Which is better: A hydraulic TV lift Mount or a TV Lift Motor? 

A2: Both options are reasonable; however, a hydraulic TV lift mount is preferred for heavy TV units. You can buy a hydraulic TV mount or a TV lift motor from VEVOR. 

Q3: Does a motorized TV lift mount require maintenance? 

A3: VEVOR motorized TV lift mounts are maintenance-free and equipped with electric motors. You can buy a maintenance-free TV lift mount from VEVOR.