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PEX Tubing

Find the Best PEX Tube at VEVOR

Do you want to increase the lifespan of your plumbing system? Plumbing pipes are the solution to your needs. They build an oxygen barrier, which keeps the pipe system clean of O2. Using crimp rings in a PEX pipe ensures ideal water lines as they eliminate the cons of rigid pipes. PEX tubing is excellent for radiant heat systems due to its ease of installation.

In heating systems, the heating pipe quickly and evenly distributes warmth. Like rigid pipes, PEX plumbing pipes do not require joints, making the pipe system less expensive for you at VEVOR.

Various Kinds of Plumbing Pipes

In the market, a wide range of pipes are available. Consider learning about a few different types to make a good decision for your heating systems or water lines. Here are a few types to look at.

Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless steel pipes are used in heating systems and are a viable option for hydronic heating systems. They offer a wide temperature range, but these pipes are more expensive. They are an excellent choice for an efficient hydronic heating system due to their rigidity.



Great temperature range

Resistant to corrosion


High cost

PEX Pipe or PEX Tube

Made of cross-linked polyethylene, PEX tube is highly flexible. A PEX fitting is used when there are curves in the pipe system. Due to their flexibility, these pipes do not require them a lot. Installing PEX is super easy, which makes it a good choice. PEX plumbing is more accessible and requires less time.




Hot and cold resistance


Heat loss over distances

Copper Pipe

They are reliable for both hot and cold water distribution. As a heating pipe, it quickly transfers heat. copper pipe systems have been upgraded with an oxygen barrier, just like the oxygen barrier PEX.




Resistant to heat


Heat loss

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Pipe and Fittings

There are multiple things to consider when buying plumbing pipes. You do not want to avoid the aspects mentioned below when buying Pipe & Fittings.


Consider the use, whether it is for a radiant heat system, air conditioning lines, or something else. If you want it for radiant heat, ensure it comes with oxygen barrier technology.

Connection Method

See which methods you will need to consider to install the pipes in a leak-free way. You can use crimp rings for PEX tubing. PEX fitting is also sometimes used to make the system compatible with the curves. 


Consider the durability of the material used in the pipes. For example, oxygen barrier PEX is of different types, such as PEX-A, PEX-B, or PEX-C. Bad quality can lead to corrosion, leaks, and multiple other issues. 

Main Functions of Pipes and Tips for Maintaining Them

Plumbing pipes, PEX tubing, and copper pipes are used in infrastructures and provide efficient flowing water. Sometimes other liquids are also transported using them. These pipelines help in air conditioning by transporting chilled water. These plumbing lines provide us with a reliable water supply.

Regular inspections are required to maintain them. Proper installation is also an integral part of improving the longevity of these pipes. Insulating the pipes also helps in improving their performance. Flushing them helps remove the debris and should be considered too.

Some of The Best Pex Pipes at VEVOR

There is a great range available for you to choose from at VEVOR. Consider these high-quality products for your households or buildings.

VEVOR Non-Barrier PEX Tubing 1 X 300

This 1-inch PEX provides swift and uninterrupted flow. This product can be used in multiple situations. It is used both in commercial and residential settings. Built of leakproof material, this product provides extreme reliability.

VEVOR PEX Pipe, 1 Inch x 500

1-inch PEX underground water line provides you with even heating effects. It is effortless to install in slabs. This pipe is well-reviewed and provides precisely what you need at a very fair price.

VEVOR 1000Ft PEX Tubing Pipe 1/2"

Get this 2-inch PEX pipe 1000 ft is super easy to assemble and is highly flexible. This water line comes with a cutter and 5 clamp rings. The effortless installation makes it time-saving. For a floor heating system, it is a great option.

VEVOR 5/8 Inch x 500Ft PEX

This industrial grade 5 8 PEX pipe comes with an oxygen barrier. This multiple-use pipe can be used in hydronic systems and radiant heat systems. It is mainly used as a plumbing pipe and is robust; bacteria do not readily breed in it.

Reasons to Choose VEVOR for Buying The Pipes

VEVOR is a leading brand that provides excellent products to its customers worldwide and has very positive reviews. Here are just a few things that make this brand stand out.

Great Price Range

VEVOR is giving highly competitive prices as its products provide excellent value for money. There is no compromise on quality, yet the prices are lower than other marketplaces.

Customer Service

This brand provides safe and quick delivery along with responsive customer service. All the issues faced by the customers are addressed as soon as possible. 

Quality of Products

VEVOR does not compromise on quality and always uses the best material to construct the products. These products are built to last and have sturdiness. 

FAQs about PEX Pipe

Which pipes are best to be used in the air conditioning system?

Copper pipes are the most suitable for this application and are preferred by most people. This is because high efficiency is demanded in air conditioning systems. These pipes are easier to sell and are strong enough.

Which type of pipe is best for plumbing?

PEX, copper, cast iron, and brass are well-suited for plumbing. They have great life spans and do not require high maintenance. Installing PEX is very easy, which saves time. These pipes are flexible and durable.

Which is the most popular PEX tubing at VEVOR?

VEVOR 984 Ft Roll of 1/2" PEX-AL-PEX Tubing is the most popular and easy to install. It comes with a smooth inner wall, and no scale is formed. It has high resistance to pressure and heat.