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Tow Chain

Heavy-Duty Chain Sling
When handling some large and heavy loads without connection devices, a chain sling will help you a lot. Connecting cargo and lifting equipment with tow chains makes the handling work easier.
In order to meet the needs of connecting goods of different shapes and weights, we have designed various specifications of chains for your reference.

Connecting Ring
A strong attachment ring is an essential accessory for cargo lifting work. With its help, the chain and cargo can be stably and safely hung on the lifting equipment. You can choose different connecting rings according to your needs, and you can also choose models without rings.

Steel Chain
The chain is the heart of the connecting device. For safe and convenient use, please select the appropriate chain material and length according to your specific needs.

Alloy Hook
Our chains are equipped with high-strength hooks that have different shapes, structures, and corresponding attachment mechanisms. A hook with a simple structure is more convenient to use, and a hook with a complex structure can be connected more firmly. Decide the right hook for your cargo.

The above is a brief introduction to our lift & tow chain. Please view the listing pages for more detailed information. Come to pick an ideal VEVOR's chain sling to assist your lifting and towing work.