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VEVOR Floor Jack, 4 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack, Heavy-duty Steel Racing Floor Jack With Dual Piston Quick Lift Pump, Floor Jack Lifting Range 100 mm-533 mm
VEVOR Floor Jack, 2.5 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack, Heavy-duty Steel Racing Floor Jack With Dual Pistons Quick Lift Pump, Floor Jack Lifting Range 88 mm-495 mm
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Floor Jacks

Choosing the Right Floor Jack for Your Garage

Whether you’re a car owner, seasoned mechanic, or DIY enthusiast, you probably understand the importance of a reliable car floor jack. Think of it if you’ve ever punctured a tire and can’t find the required ground clearance to change.

Professional drivers appreciate the importance of floor jacks and will always take one with them for uncertain situations. Well, where do you get that quality floor jack too? Let’s explore some ideas.

VEVOR is a reputable company that deals in car floor jacks and other car repair accessories. Moreover, if you need any other tool or equipment, you’ll be sure to find it on our website. Don’t fail to take advantage of our relatively lower prices!

What are the Different Types of Floor Jacks?

Floor jacks can be mainly categorized into three;

Hydraulic Floor Jack - Hydraulic floor jacks consist of a cylindrical mechanism responsible for the lift. It also has a hand lever to provide the required pressure.

Owing to their huge size, hydraulic floor jacks might take up much of your trunk space.

However, moving the jack around is easy, as the whole thing lies on four wheels.

Scissor jacks - Scissor floor jacks have four wheels but a completely different built design from the hydraulic one. Unlike the hydraulic car jack, the scissor has a scissor-like mechanism that combines with a lead screw to provide the lift.

Scissor floor jacks won’t take much of your trunk space.

Bottle or Piston Floor Jacks - Bottle floor jacks also employ hydraulic mechanisms to create a lift. They are the smallest in this list and can be easily carried in your trunk. Piston jacks support large tons and are used for heavy or commercial machines.

How to Choose the Right Floor Jack for Your Needs

Choosing the right floor jack for your car might take more work than it seems. What are the factors to consider when choosing car floor jacks?

● Specific vehicle requirements - Different vehicles have varying weight distributions, lift points, and ground clearances. That means you’ll have to check for compatibility before spending on a floor jack you won’t use.

● Floor Jack features - Look for a car floor jack that will increase convenience and functionality. Go for that floor jack with a quick-lift mechanism or swivel casters for easy movement. Check out for safety features and the effect on the contact point with your car.

● Weight capacity - Determine the weight of your car, and pick a floor jack that exceeds it. That’s vital in ensuring the machine operates without any doubts.

● Budget - Set a budget for your purchase! Consider factors like durability, initial cost, and the features you get at a specific price point. Don’t overspend on a car floor jack you might not use.

The Most Popular Floor Jack Models

● Floor Jack for Quick Lift - 11,000lbs VEVOR Floor Jack with Quick Lift

● Easy to move around - VEVOR 3-ton Low Profile Jack for Car

● Most Versatile - VEVOR 5-ton electric-hydraulic Floor Jack with Built-in Inflator

VEVOR Floor Jack Air Bag 11,000lbs with Quick Lift

If you’re in a hurry and need a quick lift, the VEVOR 11,000lbs floor jack is your time saver. Within 5 seconds, your lift will be ready, and you can start changing your tire. This pneumatic car jack is made from hardened steel and comfortably withstands enormous weights.

The VEVOR Floor Jack AirBag has wheel casters that operate seamlessly in any terrain.

Despite its huge size, you can disassemble the VEVOR floor jack from the middle and store it better. The car floor jack is versatile and can be used with any car on whichever terrain.

VEVOR 3-Ton Low Profile Floor Jack for Car

If you’re looking for a quality scissor floor jack, the VEVOR 3-ton low-profile floor jack is quite a great choice. It has a steel construction and can withstand heavy weights. Its 3-ton capacity makes the VEVOR floor jack an excellent choice for any car type.

The VEVOR 3-ton floor jack has four wheels for easy locomotion.

The floor jack is lightweight, and carrying it around is entirely effortless.

VEVOR 5-Ton Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack with Inbuilt Tire-Inflator

If you’d love to inflate your tire immediately after changing it, the VEVOR electric-hydraulic floor jack will save you time and money! The floor jack will take at least two minutes to reach maximum lift.

With a reliable power source, you can perform lifts anywhere and anytime. A 12V cigarette lighter or battery is enough to work the floor jack.

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR is a leading tools and equipment distributor specializing in car floor jacks. If you’re a DIY enthusiast or technician, VEVOR has all the tools and accessories you’ll need in your career!

Yes, VEVOR floor jacks for cars are famed for their durability and quality of service while still rocking the lowest prices. They do free delivery and offer ample customer support.

Why don’t you check in on their website and see for yourself?

FAQs About Car Floor Jacks

1. Can a floor jack be used on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs?

No! Even with the perfect car floor jack, other features like ground clearance and weight distribution directly affect its usage on all vehicles. Study the best floor jack for your car before making a purchase.

2. Is a 2-ton jack enough for a truck?

A 2-ton floor jack is capable of handling most basic operations. However, investing in a more robust jack that can comfortably handle trucks would be better.

3. What weight-rating floor jack do I need?

Most professionals advise having a 3-ton car floor jack to cover all weight bases. Even when most drivers do away with the 2.5-ton floor jack, safer operation can be expected in higher-rated floor jacks.

4. Can a floor jack be used for tasks other than lifting vehicles?

The primary function of floor jacks is to lift your car to a desired operable height. The equipment is valuable, and you can’t risk it by performing other tasks. However, if it is a must, ensure you don’t exceed the jack’s weight limit.