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Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Explore VEVOR’s Motorcycle Wheel Chocks for Maximum Safety of Your Ride

The slight-angled bike stand does not provide the level of security you need for your prized motorcycle when storing or transporting it. Having your bike on its slightly angled stand will always make you worry about slipping or tipping over and getting damaged. This is where motorcycle wheel chocks come in. The motorcycle chock helps lock the wheel in one place and keeps it from slipping or tipping during storage as well as transportation.

To help ensure the stability and safety of your prized motorcycle and maintain a pristine look during storage and transport, VEVOR offers an array of the best motorcycle wheel chocks.

What is a Motorcycle Wheel Chock?

A motorcycle wheel chock is exactly what it sounds like. It is a simple device that helps chock motorcycle wheels in one place, keeping them from slipping and tipping over during storage and transport.

You cradle the motorcycle’s front wheel into the sturdy frame of the front wheel chock and lock it. This completely immobilizes the bike and helps keep it upright, making transport, storage, and maintenance tasks easier.

Types of Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Given that different motorcycle models come with different sized tires —diameter and width—many different types of motorcycle chocks are available to help perfectly accommodate each tire type.

Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock

If you own bikes with varying multiple tire sizes, an adjustable motorcycle wheel chock would be a perfect option for you. These wheel chocks for motorcycles are equipped with flexible brackets that adapt to differing tire widths and diameters, ensuring an exact fit for maximum stability. Adjustable motorcycle wheel chocks are often seen in motorcycle workshops where they work on motorcycles with different tire sizes.

Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chock

These removable wheel chocks can be attached or detached from the mounting plate. So, when not in use, you can remove them from the mounting plate and free up space in your garage. Removable motorcycle wheel chocks make a perfect choice when the storage space is at a premium.

Pivoting Bracket Wheel Chock

A pivoting bracket wheel chock is an ingenious solution designed for motorcycles. These chocks feature pivoting or swiveling brackets, making guiding your bike into position effortless. These motorcycle wheel chocks are becoming increasingly popular as they automatically lock the wheel as soon as you roll the bike into its cradle. As the bike’s weight falls on the cradle, the bracket is lifted, locking onto the wheel.

Recessed Flip-Up Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Recessed flip-up motorbike front wheel chocks can be mounted flush with the floor of your garage or trailer. These motorcycle chocks can simply be flipped up and locked into place to maximize your available space when not required. When needed again, simply flip down and secure your motorcycle’s front wheel.

Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Heavy-duty motorcycle wheel chocks offer greater stability and durability for larger and heavier motorcycles such as touring bikes and cruisers. These are constructed using robust materials, which can easily provide support to heavier bikes. For maximum stability and durability, VEVOR 1800 lbs. heavy-duty motorcycle wheel chock is manufactured with high-grade steel.

Applications of Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Motorcycle wheel chocks may initially serve only to secure your bike in your garage, but their multifaceted use extends far beyond this.

1. Trailer Transport

When transporting your motorcycle for cross-country travel or track day adventures, trailer motorcycle chocks become indispensable tools. By locking the front wheel of your bike, the motorcycle front wheel chock for the trailer ensures that it remains upright and prevents any movements that might lead to accidental damage during transport.

2. Maintenance and Repairs

Motorcycle enthusiasts frequently perform routine maintenance or repairs on their bikes, which often includes oil changes, tire replacement, brake inspections, etc. A motorcycle wheel chock provides stability by keeping the front wheel safely in place, allowing you to perform maintenance tasks smoothly.

3. Showroom Display

Motorcycle dealerships and showrooms utilize motorcycle wheel chock stands to present their bikes appealingly and avoid accidental damages caused by bike slips and falls.

4. Track Days and Racing

For riders participating in track days or racing events, motorcycle wheel chocks are indispensable in keeping order in the pit area. Chocking motorbikes between sessions keeps them upright so riders can focus on fine-tuning their machines without worrying about stability issues.

5. Motorcycle Storage Units

People who store their motorcycles in dedicated storage units often rely on motorcycle tire clamps to maximize storage space and protect their bikes by preventing the risk of accidental slips and falls.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Below, we have outlined a few key considerations for you to bear in mind when searching for the best motorcycle wheel chock for your ride.

1. Wheel Size: Measure your motorcycle’s front wheel diameter and width and ensure that the motorcycle stand wheel chock that you get can accommodate it.

2. Material and Durability: Take into consideration the material from which your trailer motorcycle chock is constructed. Always look for motorcycle chocks manufactured with high-grade steel for maximum durability.

3. Mounting Options: Select whether you prefer permanent or removable mounting solutions. For maximum space optimization, always go for removable motorcycle wheel chocks.

4. Ease of Use: Assess how user-friendly the motorcycle chock is. Look for features like quick release that make loading and unloading easier. Also, consider pivoting models for automatic tire locking.

5. Security Features: Before purchasing, for extra peace of mind during transport, look for extra security features such as integrated locks or tie-down points in the motorcycle wheel chock.

6. Weight Capacity: When selecting a front wheel chock, take note of its weight capacity. Ensure it can support the weight of your motorcycle without any problems.

Choose VEVOR For the Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

If you do not want to compromise the security of your prized motorcycle during transport and storage, you must get your motorcycle wheel chock from a reputed brand like VEVOR. At VEVOR, we offer top-quality motorcycle wheel chocks at highly affordable prices. Besides locking the wheel, our motorcycle chocks also feature eye loops for tying straps for added security.

So, check our motorcycle wheel chock collection, choose the one that will best fit your motorbike tire, and order it online. We will deliver it fast and for free. It will come with a 30-day no-hassle return and a 12-month warranty.