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Upgrade Your Mail Experience with Through Wall Mailboxes

As there are tons of mailbox types and styles on the market, choosing the best one to install on your property can be quite challenging. You may have heard of a through the wall mailbox and post-mounted mail drops, among a few others. Choosing one drop box from the overwhelming options available is undeniably not as simple. 

Regardless of the type of mailbox with mounting holes you are planning to install at home, it is important to choose one that is heavy duty enough to withstand long-standing use. Further, it is also crucial that you mount the box where it is easily accessible for the postmen. 

The Importance of A Secure Mailbox

Privacy and Security

A highly secure mail drop box such as VEVOR’s through wall mail drop box provides the utmost security for your mail. Mail theft is a widespread problem, thus, keeping your mails and parcels secure and private is highly important. 

You can find a great selection of wall drop and post-mounted mail drop box options on VEVOR. Their mailboxes feature a reinforced double steel door and are equipped with a key lock to protect against prying and mail theft. 

Easy Access

Top-quality mailboxes are designed to keep your mail secured while being easy to access at the same time. The mail drop opening allows homeowners to easily collect their mail from their boxes without having to put in much effort. 

Protection from Outdoor Elements

Aside from prying, you should also make sure to keep your mail protected against other outdoor elements such as rain and intense heat. 

A through the wall drop box with mounting holes is one of the best types of mail drops that will keep your mail safe against such damaging factors. 

Further, when choosing a mail drop box, make sure to pick one which has a well-positioned drop slot where rain could not enter inside. 

The Different Types of Mailboxes

Through Wall Mailbox

A through the wall mailbox is a type of wall mount mailboxes. This type of mailbox can be attached to your home’s front door or to the wall beside it. 

A through the wall drop box is a great option if you don’t have a pre drilled mail slot attached to your front door. The courier can easily deliver your mail through the drop slot and you can access it by unlocking the key lock. 

Post-Mounted Mailbox

Post-mounted mail drops, as the name suggests, involve a post that holds the mailbox to a convenient height. 

A post-mounted mailbox, unlike a through wall parcel drop box, is more prone to prying as it is typically situated further away from the home front door. 

However, this type of mailbox is more ideal than wall mount ones if you have a long driveway as mailmen can drop your mail way easier.  

Further, if you are on the lookout for a reliable and highly secure post-mounted mailbox, check out VEVOR wall mount mailboxes.

Mail Drop Slot

A mail slot is a type of mailbox that is attached straight into your front door. This type of box typically has a smaller drop door and is usually unlocked through tubular keys. 

Package Mailbox

A package mailbox is typically larger in size as it is intended for both mail and packages. As packages are often a target for theft, it is crucial to pick a heavy duty box that is pre drilled such as VEVOR’s through wall parcel drop box. 

How To Choose The Right Mailbox

1. Knowing the Right Mailbox Rype

As there is an overwhelming number of mailbox options out there, you will have to decide which one best suits your property. 

You might need a through wall parcel drop box with tubular keys and an adjustable chute if you often receive packages. On the other hand, if you mostly receive letters and documents, a wall drop box is going to do. 

2. Durability and Reliability of A Mailbox

To protect against mail theft, it is highly important that you invest in a mailbox that is durable and highly secured. VEVOR offers a number of post-mounted and through the wall mailbox options that have a reinforced double steel door and come with a secure key lock. 

Having a highly secure mailbox is crucial especially if you often receive valuable packages and mail such as rent checks. 

3. Ease of Installation

Some mail drops can be more tricky to install than others. To make sure your box is installed securely on your property, you might want to consider hiring a professional for the job. 

4. Your Budget

If you are looking for a reliable through wall parcel box but have a limited budget, you can check out VEVOR for some great-quality options. 

Top Mailbox Recommendations on VEVOR

VEVOR Black Through Wall Mailbox

VEVOR is well-renowned for its top-quality through the wall drop box. It is heavy-duty and professionally designed for receiving mail, small parcels, rent checks, keys, and more. 

This mailbox is made of durable steel that is rust-proof. It is also equipped with a coded key lock and a metal baffle to protect against prying. This mailbox also comes with an adjustable chute and a piano hinged door for easy access. 

VEVOR Package Delivery Box

If you often receive packages and you want to make sure they are safe and protected against prying, then this Package mail drop box from VEVOR is an excellent choice. 

This mailbox is made with premium galvanized steel that is rust-proof and waterproof. Just like VEVOR’s other boxes, this one is also equipped with a code key lock and an anti-theft baffle on the drop slot.  

VEVOR Cast Aluminum Post-Mount Mailbox

For homes with long driveways, the Cast Aluminum Post-Mount Mailbox from VEVOR is undoubtedly a stellar option. This classic-looking mailbox not only spruces up your outdoor landscaping but also does the job of keeping your mail safe and protected. 


VEVOR is one of the top-trusted brands when it comes to tools and equipment. Their mailboxes are no exception when talking about the brand’s top-selling products. 

We offer heavy-duty piano hinged through wall mailbox options that are durable and reasonably priced. Shop now and unlock the potential of Through Wall Mailboxes. Your seamless mail experience awaits. Act now and elevate your mail handling to new heights!