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Electric Rebar Bender

Master the Art of Precision Bending with Rebar Benders

Welcome to the future of rebar bending tools! Introducing the electric rebar bender. It is a groundbreaking tool that is transforming the way we reinforce structures. Designed to streamline construction processes and optimize efficiency, the building and construction of the innovative device take the hassle out of bending and shaping rebar.

Gone are the days of labor-intensive manual bending, as the electric rebar bender empowers you with automation and precision. The rebar bending tool has a powerful motor and advanced technology, it effortlessly handles various sizes of rebar, ensuring consistent bends and accurate angles. Not only does the electric rebar bender save you valuable time, but the provided tool kit also reduces physical strain and fatigue. 

Features of VEVOR Electric Rebar Bender

Electric VEVOR rebar benders are specialized tools used in construction and metalworking industries to bend reinforcing steel bars (rebars) with precision and efficiency. Here are some common features of electric rebar benders:

Electric Power: Electric rebar benders are powered by electric motor, typically operating on standard voltages, such as 110V or 220V. The rebar bending tool is designed to provide consistent power for bending rebars of various sizes.

Motorized Operation: The electric rebar bender features a motor or an electric drive system that powers the bending mechanism. Its motor provides the necessary force and torque to bend the rebars effectively.

Bending Capacity: Electric rebar bending machines come in different models with varying bending capacities. They can handle rebars of different diameters, commonly ranging from 6mm to 32mm or even larger, depending on the specific model. A hydraulic rebar bender is commonly used in construction projects where large quantities of rebar need to be bent hydraulic oil accurately and quickly.

Precise Bending Angles: These tools allow for accurate and repeatable bending angles. The electric rebar bender often has an adjustable angle control mechanism. It allows the user to set the desired bending angle for each rebar. Common bending angles include bending angles of 90 degrees, 135 degrees, and custom angles as needed.

Bending Speed and Efficiency: Electric rebar benders have an electric motor that offers faster bending speeds than manual methods. The motorized operation allows quicker bending cycles, increasing productivity and reducing labor time. A hydraulic rebar bender utilizes hydraulic pressure to apply force and bend the rebar to a desired angle or shape.

Easy Operation: Electric rebar benders are designed for user convenience and ease of operation. They often feature intuitive controls, such as foot pedal controls, for initiating the bending process. Some models of rebar bending machines may include digital displays to show the bending angle or other relevant information. 

Key Factors of VEVOR Electric Rebar Bender

VEVOR electric rebar bender is a specialized tool designed to bend reinforcing bars (rebars) used in construction projects. Here are the key factors that make VEVOR electric rebar bender a popular choice:

Precision and Accuracy: The hydraulic rebar bender is engineered to provide precise and accurate bends in the rebars. They often feature angle presets and adjustable bending angles, allowing the operator to achieve consistent rebar bending according to project requirements.

Durability and Sturdiness: VEVOR electric rebar cutters are constructed with robust materials such as heavy-duty steel frames, reinforced components, and high-quality motors. This ensures their durability and longevity, making them suitable for heavy-duty grade 60 rebar features and prolonged use on construction sites.

Safety Features: Safety is a crucial aspect of any power tool, and the VEVOR rebar bending machine incorporates various safety features. These may include emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and steel handle to prevent accidents and injuries during the use of hydraulic oil.

Portability and Ease of Use: VEVOR electric rebar bending machine is sturdy and durable. It is also designed to be relatively portable and easy to transport. They often feature compact designs, built-in handles, lightweight carrying case and foot pedal controls, making them convenient for stirrup bending on-site use.

Versatility: VEVOR electric rebar benders can perform a range of bending operations, including both simple and complex grade 60 rebar bends. The rebar bending machine is versatile and it allows professionals to use them in various construction projects. It includes building foundations, concrete structures, and reinforced concrete beams and stirrup bending.

Highly Recommended Electric Rebar Benders

Duty electric hydraulics benders have become increasingly popular in the construction industry due to their efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience. These machines are designed to bend reinforcing steel bars quickly and accurately. It will help eliminate the need for rebar bending manually and reduce the risk of injuries. 

The automated operation of electric hydraulic rebar bender allows construction workers to save time and effort, enabling them to complete projects more efficiently. One of the main reasons why our electric rebar benders have gained popularity is their ability to increase productivity and their lightweight carrying case. The rebar cutters are capable of bending steel bars of various sizes and shapes with precision, ensuring consistency in the construction process on a job site.

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR has emerged as a popular brand among customers due to its commitment to quality, wide range of heavy duty products, and excellent customer service. First and foremost, we has gained the trust and loyalty of customers by consistently offering high-quality products. Whether it is kitchen appliances, automotive tool kit and equipment, or industrial machinery, VEVOR ensures that its products are built to last. 

This commitment to quality has not only earned the brand a strong reputation but has also resulted in a growing customer base. The duty electric hydraulics designed by VEVOR are of exceptional quality. The brand is celebrated for its diverse range of masonry & concrete & tile tools. Customers appreciate the convenience of finding all their needs fulfilled in one place. Our brand goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, promptly addressing any queries or concerns.


What is an electric rebar bender?

A heavy duty electric rebar bender is a machine specifically designed for bending reinforcing bars, also known as rebars, which are commonly used in construction projects. The electric hydraulic rebar bender is powered by electricity and can bend duty electric hydraulics with precision and efficiency

How does an electric rebar bender work?

An electric bending machine typically consists of a bending head, an electric motor, a steel handle, and a control panel. The rebar is placed into the bending head, and the motor applies force to bend the rebar to the desired angle. The control panel allows the operator to set the bending angle and control the bending process on a job site.

What are the typical applications of an electric rebar bender?

Electric rebar bending machines are commonly used in construction projects where reinforced concrete structures are involved. Some typical applications include bending machine rebars for beams, columns, walls, slabs, and other structural elements.