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Commercial Sinks

Get VEVOR Industrial Sink To Level Up The Efficiency

For a second, let's be real. What constitutes the center and soul of any busy kitchen? That's right, the reliable old sink! But not just any sink—we're referring to the VEVOR commercial sink, the kitchen workhorse that elevates cleanliness and usability.

If you're a restaurant owner, chef, bar manager, or anybody with a desire for a spick-and-span kitchen. This guide is your behind-the-scenes access to knowing why having a commercial kitchen sink from VEVOR restaurant faucets & plumbing & sinks to your cart is a game-changer.

Continue reading if you've ever wished for a kitchen that is as tidy as a surgeon's scalpel and as effective as a well-oiled machine.

Variety Of Commercial Kitchen Sinks

Searching the market for industrial sinks to find the ideal fit may be a time-consuming procedure. But don't worry; we'll show you these fantastic options and help you find the perfect industrial sink. 

Wall Mount Sink

Wall mount sinks are attached directly to the wall, often used in tight spaces or where floor clearance is needed. It saves floor space, is easy to clean under, and provides a minimalist look.

Drop-in Sink

Drop-in sinks arе installеd by dropping thеm into a countеrtop cutout. They come in various configurations to suit different needs. They are easy to install, vеrsatilе, and can be customizеd to fit various countеrtop stylеs.

Prep Sink

Prеp sinks arе smallеr sinks usеd for food prеparation tasks, such as washing vegetables and cutting ingredients. These sinks are convenient for food prеp, and commercial kitchen efficiency.

Double-Compartment Sink

Doublе compartmеnt sinks havе two sеparatе basins. Compartment sinks grеat for dishwashing as you can wash in one and rinse in thе othеr. Efficiеnt for dishwashing, keeps dirty and clean dishes separate, and hеlps maintain a strеamlinеd workflow.

Triple-Compartment Restaurant Sink

Triple compartment sinks have thrее basins, typically used for dishwashing in a commеrcial kitchеn. Onе basin for washing, onе for rinsing, and onе for sanitising.It is ideal for mееting health and safety regulations, allows for a thorough dishwashing process, and supports high-volumе washing.

Maintenance Of Restaurant Sinks

If not maintained properly, the sinks may eventually get soiled and unclean. This is especially crucial for these sinks due to commercial sinks' usage, as well as the increasing significance of maintaining a high degree of hygiene. Let's dive in to explore more. Rinse commercial kitchen sink whenever you can after using it; most stains can be removed by washing them with soapy water. To remove any food or other residues, evenly distribute the water throughout the surface and vigorously scrub the area with a sponge.

At regular intervals, clean your commercial sink with a mix of one part water and one part bleach. Clean the sink's rim and interior with a cloth or sponge dipped in the solution. Some stains will appear on a restaurant sink even with routine cleaning. Different cleansers are effective against various kinds of stains. One of the worst issues with stainless steel sinks is rust. The use of conventional techniques, such as steel wool pads and the like, can harm the finish of stainless steel even though they may work on other types of steel surfaces.

Aspects To Weigh When Purchasing Industrial Sinks

There are a few crucial characteristics to take into account when deciding to buy a commercial-style sink. Material, size, and utility are the three main considerations. Let's delve deeper into a few key characteristics.

Size Of Basin

Compared to conventional household sinks, restaurant sinks have a deeper basin. This depth makes it simpler to handle large pots, pans, and dishes that are frequently used in commercial kitchens.

Industrial-Grade Material

High-quality commercial sinks are made from durable, industrial-grade material, notably 304 grade stainless steel. The quality small stainless steel sink can easily survive the test of time, even in the most bustling kitchens.

Simple Design

Ensure the commercial sink has a simple, minimalist design with sharp edges and straight lines. This design makes the sink look better. Plus, this also makes cleaning and upkeep simpler.

Noise Suppression

Most of the time, buyers overlook this detail when purchasing a restaurant sink. Proper bottom insulation can be particularly effective in reducing clanging noise and fostering a more calm environment for the workers and customers.

In-Demand Industrial Sinks At VEVOR

VEVOR is the industry leader thanks to its exceptional products that offer solutions. Your next concern, if you decide to purchase your  commercial kitchen sink from VEVOR, would be selecting the best item to avoid losing your money.

VEVOR Commercial Hand Sink with Faucet and Side Splash, NSF Stainless Steel Sink 

These hand sinks are made from high-quality stainless steel, which is sturdy, long-lasting, and rust-resistant. The faucet is strong and 360° rotatable, making it ideal for regular usage. This hand washing sink has a drain system and superior stainless steel basket strainer. The drainage system provides an incredibly quick vortex for a tidy and comfortable environment.

VEVOR Stainless Steel Utility Sink, 1 Compartment Free Standing Small Sink 

The sink's seamless press-fit construction with premium stainless steel panels considerably reduces the likelihood of leakage. The multi-layered protective surface of the sink resists deterioration and The hot and cold faucet's 360° water flow adjustment feature allows for unlimited use. This small stainless steel sink functions as a pool for cleaning pets and for washing food and dining utensils.

VEVOR Stainless Steel Prep & Utility Sink

The premium stainless steel used to make this utility sink is sturdy, long-lasting, and rust-resistant. With a 14.5-gallon capacity, the sink is also big enough to fit a lot of dishes or laundry. This stainless steel garage sink is extremely robust with legs, movable levelers, and leg sleeves. This stainless steel prep sink comes with all the required parts and is simple to put together.

Why VEVOR Reigns Supreme for Commercial Sinks

There is no one size fits all at VEVOR. We have everything you need: a prep sink for prepping food, stainless steel hand sinks, or a three-compartment sink for washing dishes. Plus, the quality is king. Tank-like construction characterizes VEVOR's commercial sinks. They are strong, resilient, and equipped to withstand the daily rigors of a busy kitchen. The cherry on top is affordability. VEVOR has a different high price tag associated with quality. We are able to maintain their prices while maintaining a high standard of quality.

FAQs About Commercial Kitchen Sinks

Q1: Which faucet goes best with commercial kitchen sinks?

A2: In order to have flexibility, we advise using a pull-out faucet for a commercial kitchen. The longer faucet head makes it simpler to wash hands, clean bigger items, and rinse the sink area.

Q2: Are there any attachments for industrial sink that can aid with water conservation?

The low-flow faucet aerators can reduce water use greatly without lowering water pressure.

Q3: Are there hands free faucets for restaurant sinks that are sensor-operated?

A3: Yes, there are hands free faucets that can save time and limit the risk of cross-contamination in the busy kitchen.