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Commercial Press Machine

Pressing the seeds to extract the oil is the most popular method used in all regions of the globe. Oil pressing is accomplished using a special equipment called an oil press. VEVOR is renowned for producing high-quality oil press machines. Our equipment has a dominant position on the market since their prices are so low and fair. Our oil press machines are the easiest to use and need little upkeep. Our pressing machine technology is kept delicately simple so that the greatest number of individuals may profit from them.
VEVOR Manual Oil Press Stainless Steel Oil Press Machine
The brand-new components of this oil-pressing machine include the frame, pressing chamber, handles, and heat source. All that you need to construct it is supplied, and it may be ready in a matter of minutes. You'll have to go out and purchase things like walnuts, peanuts, and so forth by yourself. The package only includes a single oil bottle; after its first usage, you may either clean it and reuse it or purchase more. A cooling period of 5-7 hours is recommended before using the new oil, which should be used within two days.
VEVOR Oil Press Machine 750W Cold / Hot Press Automatic Oil Extractor
Oil may be easily and quickly extracted with this automatic oil press machine, allowing you to produce your own nutritious cooking oil at home. The oil has several uses, including in the kitchen and on the skin. When you create it yourself, you can be Certain that it is free of any additives or preservatives. It is a wonderful means of improving one's quality of life. Both amateur cooks and celebrity chefs who insist on using only the freshest ingredients will find this gadget useful. A few minutes are all it take to set up the machine, and all the parts are supplied.

Types of Oil Press Machine
VEVOR Manual Oil Press Stainless Steel Oil Press Machine
Our 304 stainless steel-made manual oil press machine comes with a funnel diameter of 11 cm/4.3''. Its package content includes one manual oil press machine, one oil bottle, one alcohol bottle, and one clean brush.
VEVOR Oil Press Machine 750W Cold / Hot Press Automatic Oil Extractor
VEVOR's automatic oil press machine has an oil yield rate of more than 95% of the oil content of the material. Its oil press speed is 6-14 lb/h/2.7-6.3 kg/h, and the heater power is 460W. It consumes a voltage of 110V/60HZ, and its product dimensions are (L x W x H) 460x242x191 mm/18x9.5x7.5 inches.
Main Features and Functionality of Oil Press Machine
VEVOR Manual Oil Press Stainless Steel Oil Press Machine
In addition to being safe and non-toxic, the 304 Stainless Steel used in its construction ensures that this manual oil press machine will last for years to come and will not rust or corrode. The provided bottles are also easily interchangeable with commonplace bottles so that you can relax.
The hand crank's ergonomic design makes it easy on the wrists and saves time and effort. When you're ready, you may turn the hand wheel to extract oil with no effort, and the resulting oil will be the cleanest and healthiest you've ever tasted.
Everything you may need is here at the shop. Creating fresh oil is as simple as putting together the stainless steel oil press machine. In addition to the machine itself, we also provide you with a single, pristine brush for cleaning purposes.
Our oil extractor machine's semi-circular baffle keeps the alcohol bottle in place and keeps you safe if it breaks.

VEVOR Oil Press Machine 750W Cold / Hot Press Automatic Oil Extractor
The automatic oil extractor machine is constructed out of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and also has good impact resistance, and can withstand low temperatures. A unique stamp die is used to manufacture the stainless steel hopper, which results in a product is very long-lasting and sturdy.
It is possible to extract up to 95% of the oil from oil seeds; however, this number does vary depending on the oil seeds. In addition to this, it may operate continuously for twenty -four hours. Our machine is more efficient than those of our competitors when compared to other machines.
Your requirements for warm, cold, and fried temperatures may all be satisfied by the oil extractor machine that comes equipped with its own thermostat heating unit. Get ready to experience an oil that is both natural and good for you. The machine's ability to dissipate heat and expel air helps to keep it from overheating, which in turn extends the tool's useful life.
Turn on the heat switch, warm for minutes, feed the seeds into the hopper, and oil flows. A matching brush cleans the automated oil press quickly. Padded gloves prevent burning.

Applications of Oil Press Machine
Use our oil press machines to make oil at home that is better for you. Tea seed, sesame seed, flaxseed, peanuts, sesame seeds, almonds, maize, soybeans, avocados, coconuts, castor, hemp seeds, canola, sunflower, linseed, walnuts, etc. all have an oil content of more than 25%, making them all good contenders for our oil press machines.

FAQS About Oil Press Machine
1. Can I use it to press cocoa beans for their butter?
Answer. as long as the cocoa beans are dry.
2. Can olives and macadamia nuts be pressed in here to make oil?
Answer. It has a nut-pressing mechanism. The olives can't be pressed in such a direct manner. Olives should have their pits removed and then be chopped into pieces about the size of peanuts (which makes it easier to feed to the pressing barrel). Also, crushing seeds would lengthen the whole procedure.
3. Is it necessary to remove the hull from sunflower seeds before pressing them?
Answer. It would be best if you took the time to peel off the shell. You don't bother to remove the shell. However, it requires more work to function.