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Commercial Meat Tenderizer

Are you tired of cooking meat over long durations yet still eating undercooked meat dishes? Is your homemade meat tenderizing powder of little or no use? Drop your worries now and buy VEVOR's marvelous Hand Crank Meat Tenderizer Machine. -driven kitchen tool used to tenderize slabs of meat in preparation for cooking. A meat tenderizer has the look of a hammer, and this is the most typical meat tenderizer that people choose to beat the meat and make softer. Hence, you can reduce your cooking time and increase the flavor absorption efficiency of the flesh.

VEVOR 110V Commercial Meat Tenderizer 750W Stainless Steel Electric Cutting Width 5 inch Heavy Duty Switchable Attachment Kitchen Tool for Beef Turkey Chicken Pork Mutton Fish Steak
VEVOR Commercial Meat Tenderizer 450W Stainless Steel 110V Electric Heavy Duty Kitchen Tool for Beef Turkey Chicken Pork Mutton Fish Steak, 17 inch, Sliver

VEVOR 5 in/12.5 cm Cutting Width Manual Steak Tenderizer with Stainless Steel Blades and C-Clamp Combs, 12.4 x 9.8 x 17.1in / 31.5 x 25 x 43.5 cm, Sliver

Types of VEVOR's Meat Tenderizers
VEVOR produces a variety of Hand Crank Meat Tenderizer Machines, each of which may be differentiated from the others by the amount of power they need to function and the way they do it – either automatically or manually.

VEVOR 5 in/12.5 cm Cutting Width Manual Steak Tenderizer
This meat tenderizer machine has 301 stainless steel blades and combs and has 27 pairs of steel blades and a removable framework, resulting in meat with a softer, extra juicy quality. Meat processed in this manner is softer to chew and more receptive to flavorful seasonings and Sauces. Use it to tenderize meats, including steak, pig, chicken breast, and more. It offers a maximum cutting width of 5 in / 12.5 cm and a maximum cutting thickness of 1 in / 2.5 cm. This meat tenderizer product dimensions are 12.4 x 9.8 x 17.1in / 31.5 x 25 x 43.5 cm, and it has a net weight of 11.2 lbs / 5.1 kg.

Main Features and Functionality of Hand Crank Meat Tenderizer Machine
Blades Made of Stainless Steel
With its 27 sets of stainless steel blades, this meat tenderizer is powerful and effective. In addition, we've incorporated two g-clamp combs to keep the meat from becoming stuck.

New and Improved Feeding Port
The feeding port has been raised to a comfortable 7.9 inches (or 20 centimeters) in height to reduce the risk of hand discomfort during use. A maximum of 5 inches (12.5 centimeters) may be chopped across, and a maximum of 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) can be hacked away. You may use our meat tenderizer for a variety of purposes in the kitchen.

Hand-Powered Wheel
The iron construction of this hand crank meat tenderizer machine makes it resistant to damage and deformation. Enjoy the experience since you're in charge of the tenderizing operation, and the meat will be soft when you hold it.

Robust Construction
The bottom has a firm hold on the ground, thanks to the four sucker rods. On top of everything else, a frame in the form of a U shape provides a more suitable space to set a pot or dish that will be used to catch the flesh.

Applications and Benefits of Hand Crank Meat Tenderizer Machine
Whether you're cooking pork, skirt steaks, side steaks, boneless steaks, round steaks, venison, chicken breasts, or fried meat, this hand-cranked meat tenderizer machine can handle anything. As a result, you'll find it everywhere, from kitchens to cafes to grilling joints.
The two sets of stainless steel blades of our hand-cranked meat tenderizer are FDA-compliant and help to soften the meat, so it is more pleasant to chew.
In addition, the c-clamp combs are meant to keep the blades from being jammed.
The construction of this manual meat tenderizer is easily removable, making it dishwasher safe. Firstly remove the g-clamp combs, then the outer casing, and finally, the knives. Lastly, you should wipe them independently.
The tenderizer's input aperture is 7.9 inches (20 centimeters) in height, making it safe to use with bare hands.
The maximum cutting width is 12.5 centimeters (5"), and the maximum cutting depth is 1 inch (2.5 centimeters). Tenderize the meat and safely prepare a juicy steak with this modernized design.
VEVOR uses 301 stainless steel in the construction of our meat tenderizer, so it will last a long time and look good doing it.
The machine's single shaking of the cast-iron hand crank, which is an outstanding manual tool, will produce a tender cut of meat.
Its u-shaped base lets you get the meat from the bottom of the pot.
The increased stability of the machine is owed to its four suction cups at the base.

FAQ About VEVOR's Hand Crank Meat Tenderizer Machine
1. Can you do one side of a porkchop without the bone?
Answer: Yes, you can do the one side of a porkchop without the bone.
2. How wide is the aperture you drop the meat in?
Answer: The maximum cutting width is 12.5 centimeters (5"), and the maximum cutting depth is 1 inch (2.5 centimeters).
3. Would this work for both chicken and beef breasts?
Answer: Yes, it can work with all sorts of meats and fleshes.
4. What material does the food come into contact with?
Answer: The blades of the tenderizer body coming into contact with meat are made of food-grade 301 stainless steel blades 5.
Will this chop meat into smaller pieces?
Answer: No, it will only tenderize the meat into a cube steak.
6. What does the product package include?
Answer: The package contents include 1 Meat Tenderizer Machine, 2 Blades, 2 Combs, 1 Hand Handle, 4 Foot Suckers, 4 Screws, 1 Wrench, and 1 Manual.