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Grease Interceptor For Clean Drainage System 

You operate a busy restaurant that delivers great restaurant food and service. In the very heart of your restaurant’s kitchen, where the magic takes place, there is the common challenge of fats, oil and grease in the waste water. The issue not only presents a serious threat of sewage blockage, but also disrupts the proper functioning of your restaurant’s food and service, thus inconveniencing your loyal patrons.

This is when the VEVOR commercial grease trap comes in to give you peace of mind. The benefits are manifold: minimization of maintenance, cost cutting, environmental responsibility, and compliance to regulations. Nevertheless, the VEVOR standouts are its efforts for improving people’s living. Besides preventing inconveniences, it enhances the dining experience for your guests. Stay with us and learn more about our restaurant grease trap.

Types Of Grease Traps We Deliver 

Explore our multiple types of grease traps, carefully designed to satisfy the various demands of industrial applications and commercial kitchens. Our excellent grease management solutions range from high-capacity version to tiny under-sink choice to commercial grease trap to suit every scenario.

Hydro-Mechanical Grease Interceptors

Hydro-mechanical grease interceptors function by the movement of water and mechanical devices such as baffles and screens. The water passes through such units trapping the grease. The design and materials used often make them suitable for smaller applications. 

They may be made of plastic, stainless steel, or concrete and are compact in size. They are cheap to purchase and operate. This makes them ideal for compact spaces.

Gravity Grease Interceptors

Gravity grease interceptors operate on the principle of gravity. The wastewater runs into the interceptor where large and carefully designed baffles ensure that the grease naturally rises to the top and that the clean water sinks to the bottom. The interceptors are strong and usually constructed from concrete or fibreglass, which is perfect for large and commercial kitchens.

They have a big capacity, hence suitable for large cooking rooms. Their robust construction makes them less expensive to maintain while they last long.

Automatic Grease Removal Units (AGRU)

Automatic grease removal units contain various technological devices like sensors and automated skimming equipment that continuously separate and store grease. These are usually made of stainless steel and designed for high capacity kitchens because of their automatic mode of operation.

AGRUs are very efficient in grease removal, hence minimal manual maintenance. They are ideal for busy kitchens and prevent fats oils and grease from entering the sewage system, thereby reducing blockages and sewer odours. The stainless steel construction makes them durable.

Maintaining Grease Interceptor 

Taking proper care of your grease interceptor is also a significant issue in keeping your sewer system intact. For those with gravity grease interceptors, it’s important to inspect the baffle plates inside. These are designed to catch grease and keep it out of the sewer. If they are damaged or misaligned they won’t function well.

You should conduct regular routine grease trap cleaning. This is however dependent on the size of your kitchen and how much grease you produce, but it is advisable to clean it out every few months. These ensure that grease does not accumulate and cause blockages to your drainage system resulting in backups.

Take note of any indicators of trouble. Your grease interceptor may be faulty if you have experienced slow drainage,fats oils and grease, foul odors, or sink backups. Keeping your sewer system in order can be achieved through regular grease trap cleaning which will save you from unnecessary plumbing repairs.

Aspects To Consider In Grease Interceptor 

Grease interceptors are more complex than they first appear. Examine the important factors to take into account for efficient installation, upkeep, and compliance to guarantee the smooth running and environmental responsibility of your business. 

Right Size

Choosing the right size of the grease trap is the first step to a successful purchase. The size if made too small may give waste water a chance to flow away before separating the oils and grease fog. Also, should the size prove to be too large, then you know it would have been a waste of money. Nevertheless, a simple formula will enable you to pick the appropriate size. The capacity of a grease interceptor is determined by Gallon Per Minute (GPM) measurement.


If your commercial kitchen prepares a lot of fats, oil and grease which is disposed of down the drain, then you need a bigger grease interceptor. It is also necessary to count the number of meals prepared and the amount of waste released through the sink.

Total Cost 

Besides the purchase price, the total cost of installation includes something more. The grease interceptors must be emptied regularly, the waste disposed of and the units also maintained. These will add to your long term expenses.

Accessibility Of parts 

A grease interceptor is an assembled unit that includes a number of parts to undertake different processes. Every day, the unit deals with hot waste water, oils and grease fog, foul odors, and other food waste. Thus, sometime in future, you will have to replace some parts that have gone beyond their given lifecycle.

Hot-Selling VEVOR Grease Interceptors

Discover what's making waves in the market. The key to effective kitchen grease management is VEVOR grease interceptors. Check them out yourself. 

Commercial Grease Interceptor 70 LB

This is our durable and sturdy 70 lb grease trap fashioned out of thick and strong carbon steel plate of about 1.8 mm thickness. It is convenient to separate solid food, oil and water with three steps of fractional filtration at a flow rate of 35 GPM. 

Commercial Grease Interceptor 50 LB

Our 50 lb  grease trap is made of carbon steel that has a rust-proof coating that is hardy, strong for indoor or outdoor applications. It has fractional filtration of water that takes place in the under sink trap for more effective filtration. Through the oil filtering zone some of the grease will pass while stopping the solid food in the filter baffle. It is a 50 lb commercial grease interceptor with flow rate around 25 GPM.

Commercial Grease Interceptor 40 LB

It is a 40 LB commercial grease interceptor with an approximate flow rate of 20 GPM. Three zones of filtration divide the inner space. It contains an exterior coating resistant to rust & corrosion; this coating is easy to wash off and difficult to deform. Our under sink grease trap can easily be connected to your kitchen sink.

Commercial Grease Interceptor 30 LB

This under sink grease trap is made of solid carbon steel that does not rust.  It has a rust-proof coating on the outside which is easy to clean and could withstand continuous usage. The flow rate is around 15 GPM for a 30 lb grease trap is ideal for dishwashers in the kitchen, restaurants, and fast-food chains.

Commercial Grease Interceptor 20 LB

This restaurant grease trap is quite handy as it filters out solid waste, oil greases, and waters in three steps by fractional filtration. You can easily connect it with the side grease inlet & water outlet, either underground or above it. The flow rate of this 20 lb grease trap is 10 GPM. It's fit for various applications at homes, restaurants, bars, schools, and so on. 

Commercial Grease Interceptor 100 LB

For our 100 lb grease trap, a fractional filtration operating at about 50 gallons per minute is adopted. The commercial grease interceptor showcases the superb sealing effect as a piece of the rugged apparatus for collecting the waste from the kitchen. There is also a screw that helps to fix its lid. It is applicable in a restaurant, fast-food chain, public canteen and home kitchen.

Why VEVOR For Grease Interceptor? 

If you want a grease interceptor, go with VEVOR and experience a multitude of benefits. Our vast product range and complete styles ensure that we provide just what you need, fitting well into your kitchen. We are distinguished by quality – we make our interceptors to last, providing reliability and security. Moreover, we believe in affordability and therefore offer competitive prices that will not hurt your pocketbook. Do not let this chance pass to protect your drainage system economically and effectively. Act now and pick VEVOR for the excellent grease interceptors today. It will thank your kitchen and your budget.

FAQs About Grease Interceptor 

Q1: What kinds of greases are used in commercial kitchens? 

A1: Yes, several cooking oils and fats are used including vegetable oil, animal fats, and especially cooking oils. The kinds of oil greases may require particular grease traps and maintenance regimens.

Q2: How does flow rate affect grease traps? 

A2:  The proper functioning of grease traps is sometimes challenged by variations in waste water flow rates. Knowledge about management of flow rates and appropriate sizing can assist in maintaining of efficiency.

Q3: Are there high-end technologies for grease trap monitoring and maintenance? 

A3: There are emerging technical improvements such as sensor-based monitoring and automated maintenance systems. Knowledge of these technologies will go towards improving grease trap efficiency.