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Beer Mini Keg

Mini Kegs to Give Your Sips A Better Taste

Beer is always enjoyed fresh; it must be flavorful and aromatic to add the zing to your nerves. If you want to enjoy pub-like freshness in your beer at home, you must get a mini beer keg. The beer keg keeps the beer fresh and preserves its flavor and aroma.

Most mini kegs are portable and suitable for home use and small parties. The small beer keg category includes 5-litre beer kegs or less. VEVOR offers the best mini kegs with a beer tap system and pressurized containers to keep the beer fresh and easily pourable. 

Let’s discover VEVOR’s best beer mini keg and more about the beer keg dispenser!

Beer Keg Types Available in the Market


There are multiple beer keg types available in the market. They come in different keg sizes and more than one beer tap system. Here are the types you'll come across when buying a mini keg:

Pressurized Mini Keg with Beer Growler Tap

You can enjoy a fresh beer with the right fizz using this beer mini keg. It keeps the beer inside a pressurized container to preserve the taste, fizz, and aroma for weeks. The beer doesn't become stale inside pressurized. It's because the pressure inside the container delays oxidation.

The pressurized beer mini keg is made of stainless steel and equipped with a beer growler tap for easy pouring. The beer growler tap draws the beer at high pressure, forming the iconic foamy head. You'll get the golden glass at home. 



Longer preservation.

Easy Pouring. 

Draft-quality beer at home.




Cornelius Mini Kegs (Corny Kegs)

The Cornelius mini keg is portable and reusable storage to keep your beer fresh and flavorful. You may have seen these kegs at small bars. They come in two configurations: ball lock and pin lock.

The science behind these kegs is forced carbonation; you must insert carbon dioxide in the container to create pressure. And they have an outlet to draw beer. 


Separate CO2 inlet. 

Reusable and easy to clean. 



Difficult dispensing. 

Non-pressurized Standard Mini Beer Keg

Are you fed up with beer getting stale too quickly? This keg is the best option. You can use it during an outdoor party or layover. You won't need to make much of an effort; the beer will stay fresh for hours. These kegs have faucets to pour beer directly into the glass.

If you love fresh beer, these are an excellent alternative to other liquid storage containers. They're easily stored in the keg fridge to enjoy a chilled beer on and off.  


Easy to use. 

Flavor and Aroma Retention

No need for gas pressurizing. 


Not usable for a long time. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Small Beer Keg 

Going to the market, you'll see various types and beer keg sizes; it may be difficult for you to choose the proper keg. Here are the 5 things you must consider before making a purchase:

Capacity & Size

You should know how many beers in a keg you would like. Due to its portable designs, we've limited options in the pony keg category. The maximum capacity you can get is around 8 liters; is it enough? Moreover, our best-selling kegs in the pony keg category include the 5-litre beer kegs.

You should also consider the size of the mini kegerator; choose a portable and lightweight option rather than a bulky one. 

Storage Period

How long do you want to enjoy the beer? Standard kegs can't keep the beer fresh for extended periods. You should go for the pressurized kegs to enjoy fresh beer for over a week without investing in the full-fledged kegerator kit. However, the keg fridge may be required for storage. 

Beer Dispenser


Will you bother to buy an additional dispenser for your keg? If not, do check the keg; it must have a beer dispenser system for convenient use. The small beer keg is portable storage, so keeping a separate dispensing system with it may be troublesome; hence, you should choose wisely!

Carbonation Control

Carbonation control is crucial to maintaining the fizz in your beer; you can adjust it according to your liking with the control system. Find the product that comes equipped with a carbonation control system.

There's a tip for you: the keg coupler connects with the pressure controller with an extra valve. You should check if your keg coupler has this option or not to save some money. 

Compare Keg Prices

Currently, market competition in the mini kegerator segment is intense, and it's favorable to you. There are so many options; you just need to search and find the best keg at an affordable price.

Change your question from How much does a keg cost to What's the best keg available? You'll get the best price. Moreover, compare the keg prices of different brands and online stores to make your purchase the best. 

Essential Features and Maintenance Tips for Beer Kegs 

Always go for the kegs that have a built-in beer keg dispenser system, pressure control, and vacuum sealing. With the built-in keg tap, you can quickly draw the beer directly into your glass; the pressure control will allow you to adjust the fizz and CO2 content according to your liking. These features enable you to enjoy a draft-quality beer at home without investing in a kegerator kit. 

Kegs are easy to maintain; ensure you properly clean the beer line, keg tap, and keg pump after every use. The beer line is more prone to blockage and buildup, its cleaning is necessary. Avoid excess pressurizing and periodically check the functioning of the pressure release valve. If you follow these tips, your keg will go smoothly in the long run. 

Best Beer Kegs Available At VEVOR 

VEVOR offers a wide range of mini beer kegs for sale with advanced features and durable built quality. Explore with us to find the best mini keg growler!

VEVOR Beer Growler Tap System, 170 Oz Mini Keg, 5L Pressurized Beer Growler

A compact mini keg growler made from food-grade stainless steel and equipped with a dispensing tap faucet. It's a convenient solution to enjoy freshly brewed beer at home; it's best for parties. Check these available kegs for sale!

VEVOR Beer Growler Tap System, 170Oz Mini Keg, 5L Pressurized Beer Growler

This mini keg growler has an integrated pressure control system with a display gauge for convenience. You can control the carbonation in your beer and make it according to your taste. Sounds fizzy? Explore now!

VEVOR Beer Mini Keg 68 Oz, Mini Keg Growler w/Tap Faucet

This 2L capacity keg can fit in your kegerator fridge; you can enjoy a draft-quality chilled beer at home. It has an easy-to-pour faucet and a pressure control system. Place your order before the next game day to raise the glasses with your friends. 

Why Choose VEVOR? 

VEVOR has got you covered with its diverse range of mini beer kegs and kegerator kits. Buy the keg at the best possible price. VEVOR products are customer-centric to match all of your needs. Here's why you should choose us: 

Price & Quality

VEVOR provides you with top quality at the best prices. Our kegs are made using 301 food-grade stainless steel. Their durability and longevity are matchless; your investment is safe with us.

Variety & Features

VEVOR offers various sizes and capacities of kegs, ranging from pressurized growlers to portable beer kegs. In competitor products, you'll not find advanced features like pressure control and the conventional faucet keg pump.


24/7 Support 

VEVOR is always there for your technical support. You can quickly contact the VEVOR representative online or on a phone call. If you have a problem using the product or issues with the maintenance, you can contact the support team. 

FAQs about Mini Kegs

Q1: How much does a keg cost?

A1: The Keg price varies depending on its capacity, quality, and features. You can check the prices per your requirements. Explore the market to see the beer kegs for sale.

Q2: How many beers in a keg?

A2: A keg has a designated capacity in gallons or liters. Usually, the mini kegs can hold up to 8 liters of beer. And you can keep them chilled in the kegerator fridge. 

Q3: Where to buy a keg?

A3: Don’t worry about where to buy a keg; check online on VEVOR’s official website. There are different beer kegs for sale, like mini keg growlergrowler with a tap, etc.