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Air Conditioner Compressors

Air Conditioner Compressors
AC compressor is without doubt the most important component of the air conditioning system in your vehicle, and without it, you won’t be able to feel the cold air or wind while sitting in your car during hot summer. The compressor's key function is to absorb gas from the refrigerant and reduce the pressure. During this process, the refrigerant will evaporate under low pressure, and thus causes the temperature around to decrease. Then the ac compressor intakes the gas given off by the evaporating refrigerant, and make it compressed. Last, the gas cools down to absorb heat from the car’s inside, which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Swash Plate Type Compressors
There are several types of ac compressors, and the most regularly used in the vehicle air conditioning system is the swash plate type compressors. It contains a pulley, a belt, and a clutch.
As long as the A/C power is turned on, the belt will be driven, and the swash plate oscillates the pistons to intake gas and compress it. Here we provide dozens of these AC compressors for you to choose from. Each type is specifically designed for one brand of cars, and ensure perfect compatibility with no leaks. They are built with heavy-duty rustproof aluminum alloy, and features efficient cooling with less fuel consumption. All of them have been strictly tested and fully assembled, ready to get into your hands for immediate replacement.

Air Conditioner Compressors Maintenance
To prevent failures, good maintenance is needed. Lubricate the parts once in a while to make sure everything runs smoothly. Clean the belt often and run electrical checkout sometimes.

Air conditioner compressors for various models of cars are available. Improve the performance of your air conditioner system, and start to enjoy a better driving experience with VEVOR.