Customer Reviews for VEVOR Voltage Converter Transformer, 3000VA 240V to 110V 110V to 240V, Heavy Duty Step Up Step Down US to UK Power Converter, 2 US&1 UK&1 Universal Outlet with Circuit Break Protection, CE Certified

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It’s been working great so far. We have bought both the 2000W and 3000W transformers, so we can use our American devices here in Europe.The price was good and shipping really fast, within a few days. My only complaint is that I wished it was a bit smaller in size. If you need a step down voltage converter this is the one to buy.

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Everything worked as expected. One time cost for long time convenience :) Funny that 100 characters minimum is required :)

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Price quality wise it is a very good deal

I bought this 5000W version but use it currently only for my Japanese 110v computers to run in Europe 220v. So it does not get even warm. Later when I move to Japan I'll be able to use kitchen machines etc... That is why I bought the 5000W version. I had to change to cable from US plug to EU plug, but that was easy done if you are handy with soldering. You can also use a plug adapter. You cannot find a cheaper 5000W unit. So price quality wise this is a very good deal. Features would have been 5 stars if a EU plug version would be sold. Quality I cannot judge fully yet, so 4 stars for now.

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very good quality. very happy with this transformer and lightweight in comparison to the bulky yellow transformer

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Ana Cláudia


It works for the purpose I've bought it, is a bit noisy but is normal. Is adequate for use with kitchen equipments. The delivery delay is the only complain (about 1 month to arrive), but the shipping was free so is understandable.

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I'm using the transformer to step down voltage to 120V in two HiFi systems, a slight hum is audible through amp/speakers. Remember USA is 60Hz, Ireland is 50, so Hz can be an issue with US products. It was tripping the 20amp breaker too often, so I installed a new one, still trips from time to time?.......thats without a load on the transformer. I wish it had four 120V outlets......only has 2. My loads are light, not pulling many amps. U.S. multi socket extension outlets do not work when stepping down with a transformer as the neutral leg of the transformer has 240V (I found out the hard way, I should have tested with my multimeter first) Otherwise, the transformer is fine, price is good. I had difficulty with the French websites address format, my address was all haywire, I took a chance with my eircode.

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David curnow

It works3000 Wats a ok.

Step down voltage 250to120+1700wneeded3000w to run without tripping on perfectly.

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