Pro member program T&Cs
Welcome to VEVOR Pro Member Program ("our ", "us", "Program"). This program was created by us to reward and honor our professional customer. The program is only available to Professional customer who make qualifying purchases in Authorized Channels. "Authorized Channels" means (i) VEVOR's official standalone website , (ii) on VEVOR mobile applications ("Apps"). This Program does not include third-party platforms and resellers. See Section IV (Registration and Eligibility) below for more information.
Acknowledfement and Accptance
By participating in the Program you ("you" or "Member") agree to these VEVOR Pro Member Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). You acknowledge and agree that:
1. you have read and accepted these Terms and have fully understood them;
2. you are a Professional customer and will only use your Program Membership for activities related to your business transactions;
3. The termination and renewal of your program membership is at the sole discretion of VEVOR;
4. VEVOR reserves the right to change these terms or terminate the program at any time, with or without prior written notice to you;
5. for any fraud, misrepresentation, abuse, violation of these terms, or any other reason, VEVOR may, at its sole discretion, terminate your membership in the Program in whole or in part, and VEVOR reserves the right to take legal action in the event of any of the foregoing.
Notice of Financial Incentive Regarding Membership
As a member, you can enjoy discounts, exclusive offers and other perks. You can learn more about specific benefits in Section III (Programs and Benefits) below. Discounts, benefits and offers are often determined by your purchases and inferred interests.
In order to administer the program and provide benefits to you, we may collect the following types of information:
• Identifiers such as your name, email address, phone number, Pro Member ID and physical address;
• Internet activity, such as your browsing history, search history and information about your interactions with our websites, applications and electronic communications;
• Commercial information, such as products or services you purchase from us and our stores you visit;
• payment information to facilitate your purchases from us;
• Employment information, such as your occupation, industry or line of business, etc.
• Inferences about products and services that may be of interest to you in connection with your business transactions.
To opt-in to the program, you must register for an account with Authorized Channels and agree to these terms.
If you want these purchases to be associated with your program membership in order for us to provide you with offers based on purchase activity or to determine your eligibility for discounts, benefits and offers, you must use your account when purchasing products and services from us Pro Member ID. By participating in the program, you agree that we and our affiliates (including service providers, agents, and parties initiating communications on our or their behalf) may communicate with you via Contacting and other forms of communication as permitted by law.
You have the right to withdraw from the program at any time and can do so by contacting us.
Program and Benefits
The Program provides benefits to members who make Qualifying Purchases (or “Qualifying Spend” ) on authorized channels during the year. As used herein:
• Qualifying Spend is the total amount of orders in your account in the last 365 days.
• Qualifying Spend refers to the amount actually paid by a Program Member in good standing to purchase a designated product or service through authorized channels.
• Qualifying Spend excludes taxes, shipping fees, returns and do not include some special products or promotions, subject to page prompts. Please make sure you are a member and logged in when purchasing.
• Qualifying Spend is calculated in USD. The amount of each order will be converted into the cumulative purchase amount based on the prevailing U.S. dollar exchange rate.
These benefits vary according to the various levels (“Levels”) listed below:
PRO Member Level Qualifying Spend
PRO 1 US$0 - US$24,999
PRO 2 US$25,000 - US$249,999
PRO 3 US$250,000 and higher
When your qualifying purchase qualifies you for a particular level, you will receive relevant benefits available for that level during the duration of the qualifying plan.
Here are more details about these benefits:
1. Pro Discount. Pro Discount is a beneficialt of the program that increases your exclusive discount levels as your qualifying purchases accumulate from one level to the next.
(a) Upgrades. In order to receive benefits, you must be a registered member and be logged into your Pro Member account online when making a qualifying purchase. Membership levels are based on qualifying purchases accrued during the program period and shall be automatically renewed when purchased items change to shipping status.
(b) Downgrade. If you process a return or order cancellation such that your qualifying purchases fall below the level required for your current level, you will be adjusted to the appropriate level for the program period (based on your most recent qualifying purchases for the program period). The downgrade will take effect after you successfully request a refund.
(c) other. If a member returns a product that results in a qualifying purchase below the level required for the current Pro Discount, the discount level for the member's next purchase will be reverted to the previous level.
2. Business Tools. You have access to online tools to help you manage and grow your business, including creating quotes; viewing and tracking your purchase history; and managing your order invoices.
3. Personalized offers. VEVOR may run other promotions for members (“Promotions”), which will be governed by the Official Rules. Your participation in the Promotion constitutes your acceptance of these Official Rules. VEVOR may also send Members exclusive coupons for the purchase of eligible products.
4. Exclusive Sales and Events. Depending on your level status or your program participation and/or membership type, you may have access to exclusive sales and events. These sales and events may be unique one-off events and as such may vary during any annual period (and from one annual period to another). Any communications we send you about these sales will describe any unique terms that apply.
5. Preferential pricing for some products. On the basis of Pro Discount, you can consult dedicated service personnel to obtain more favorable pricing or discounts. It should be noted that this discount is only applicable to a small number of products.
6. Priority service. When your qualifying purchase amount reaches a certain requirement, you will be able to use dedicated support hotlines (such as telephone, email and livechat) to obtain priority support.
Registration and Eligibility
A. Registration. To enroll in the program, please visit the authorized channel and complete the enrollment process, and read and agree to these terms. Your primary email or phone number will be your Program Identification Number ("Pro Member ID"). A phone number and valid email address can only be associated with one online account (including your Pro Member account).
B. Eligibility. This program is only available to VEVOR Professional customer who have fully completed the registration process (VEVOR may share your information with third party vendors to verify that you are a Professional Client). The program is open to professional customers who purchase products for use in their business and resellers or distributors Providing false information or omitting requested information may be grounds for denial of registration, accumulation of qualifying purchases, and suspension of membership.
C. Identification. To identify Pro Member online, members must be logged into their account when placing an order. You can also register payment methods such as credit card account information, debit card account information. Can be used to make qualifying purchases on our official website as well as purchase tracking. Any payment method can only accumulate qualifying purchases to one Pro Member account.
D. Manage qualifying purchases. You may access your Program account, including viewing your qualifying purchase history, by logging into "My Account" on the Site or App. Products and services eligible for credit toward an Qualifying Purchases may change from time to time at VEVOR’s sole discretion. Discount does not apply to purchases made prior to Pro Member enrollment.
E. How to convert VEVOR Personal Member to VEVOR Pro Member. (1)Personal members can convert to Pro members after filling in the company information through the conversion button in the account. We will match the corresponding Pro member level according to the past qualifying purchase amount in your personal account. (2) Since the Pro member program will not be available on all VEVOR sites. Pesonal members please confirm that the site has launched the Pro program before switching account types. (3) The Pro account does not have a points option. The points in the personal account will be converted into two types of coupons, one is a coupon for $5 off when spending over $99, and the other is a coupon for $30 off when spending over $199. The amount of the coupon will be greater than or equal to your points amount. For example, if you have $37 points in your personal account, after successful conversion, your Pro account will get a coupon for $30 off when you spend $199 and 2 coupons for $5 off when you spend $99. If you have $47 in points, you'll get 1 coupon for $30 off when you spend $199 and 4 coupons for $5 off when you spend $99. (4) Points deducted for refunds or cancellations will not be converted. (4) Please note that the Pro account cannot be converted into a Personal account. Confirm that you need to convert to a Pro account before proceeding.
F. Inactivation/Suspension. You may contact us to deactivate your membership at any time. In addition, VEVOR reserves the right to suspend any membership at any time in its sole discretion. During any period of your inactivity or suspension, you will not receive any membership benefits and will lose any level of benefits. If your membership is reactivated, you will receive levels just like a new member.
Other information
A. Changes to Program. VEVOR may, in its sole discretion, terminate the Program (or any part of the Program) or change these Terms at any time without notice. Finally, VEVOR reserves the right of final interpretation. If you have any questions about the VEVOR Membership Program, please contact Customer Service.
B. Privacy. When you enroll in the program, we will collect your name, address, email address and primary phone number/Pro Member ID. Membership requires a valid email address. By participating in the program and providing us with this information, you agree that we may use your information to administer your participation in the program; to send you electronic receipts and other records of your transactions; for marketing purposes; click for VEVOR Privacy & Security statement. By participating in the program, you agree that we and our affiliates (including service providers, agents, and parties initiating communications on our or their behalf) may communicate with Contacting you, and other forms of communication. You also agree that we and our affiliates (including service providers, agents, and parties initiating communications on our or their behalf) may use automated telephone dialing systems or pre-recorded voices to contact you for non-marketing purposes. VEVOR respects your privacy and will not sell or rent your personal information for any monetary reward.
C. Members have no proprietary interest in any information, offers, benefits, benefits, promotions, coupons, accrued payouts, discounts and/or events related to the Program. Accrued expenses do not constitute the property of the member. Use of the words "accumulate" or "earn" in marketing materials related to the Program shall mean "collect" and not imply that membership levels have any value. Membership levels may not be bought or sold, nor transferred, except as otherwise stated herein.
D. Contact information. Any questions about your membership can be directed to VEVOR Customer Service Center.