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Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge For Adding Luxury To Your Camping Trips

You're back from a hot camp adventure, and your thirst for something ice-cold is unquenchable. You extend your arm into your vehicle, and lo and behold your VEVOR mini fridge is there, ready to deliver refreshments in the middle of nowhere. The VEVOR refrigerator and ice equipment are the epitome of ingenuity and convenience.

VEVOR mini-fridges are your mini buddies for a life of surprises also in the restaurants and food services. They not only keep your drinks cold while on the move, but they present a plethora of conveniences right at your doorstep. Also, you can keep your VEVOR compact refrigerators in your dorm room, game room, or small office. VEVOR portable mini fridges redefine the game, from mobility and adaptability to space saving functionality.

Do you want to know about VEVOR's small mini fridge and how it can change your daily life? Let's dive in and explore.

Mini Refrigerators In Our Selection

Here are the Compact fridges that are booming in the market. Discover the ease of our carefully chosen mini fridges, where design and utility come together to create a revitalizing atmosphere at home.

Compressor Mini Fridge

Compressor mini fridges have a traditional refrigeration system with a compressor and refrigerant. They compile refrigerant gas to cool the interior and then let it expand to evaporate and remove heat. This process, in turn, keeps the fridge cold.

Compressor mini-fridges offer robust and reliable cooling capabilities for various purposes, from food storage to beverage storage.

Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

Thermoelectric mini fridges utilize the Peltier effect, which is the phenomenon resulting from the application of electricity that causes one side of a semiconductor material to heat up while the other side cools down.

Thermoelectric mini fridges are energy efficient and operate quietly, perfect for game room, bedroom, dorm room, or small office.

Absorption Mini Fridge

Absorption mini-fridges run on heat, ammonia, and hydrogen to create a cooling effect. These do not have a compressor and are very quiet.

Absorption mini fridges have hushed operation and can run on electric, propane, or solar power, making them versatile for many settings.

How To Keep Mini Refrigerators In Top Shape?

Make sure to place the mini desk fridge in a place that avoids sunlight or heat sources like furnaces, water heaters, or ranges. Place the fridge flat and avoid leaning its sides, especially the front. Ensure you always set your mini fridge to a medium-cold setting when you turn it on. Just adjust the thermostat later to what is required by the food and drinks you are storing in the fridge. Failure to follow these steps makes it possible to freeze the fridge and thaw food directly.

Always clean the refrigerator's inside with baking soda solution (1-2 tablespoons in a quarter of warm water). Wipe from top to bottom, preventing spilled food from making a mark on the rest of the refrigerator. You must also unplug the mini fridge and clean the coils and vents monthly. Additionally, it is a good idea to vacuum coil vents to ensure that pet hair or dust does not affect the fridge's energy efficiency.

Guidelines For Choosing a Mini Refrigerator

Small size but big impact guidelines for your selection of mini refrigerators. Learn how to get the most out of your space and convenience by selecting the ideal small fridge for your particular needs."

Freezer section

Consider whether it is necessary to keep frozen food or ice trays in the mini-fridge. Ensure the freezer is big enough for those items if you put them in there. Use a model with minimal refrigeration to maximize your space unless you want an additional freezer.


It appears obvious, but make sure the mini fridge cooler can hold all the contents you intend to put inside it.

Primary use

If you use it as an outdoor bar or for a wine reserve where temperature control may be necessary, choose one that can handle it.


It is common sense, but only purchase a manageable model for the space you intend to place it. It becomes paramount, especially if it is headed for a bar or a defined cabinet gap.

Electrical Cord

Ensure the cord is long enough to reach the nearest outlet without a trip hazard.

VEVOR Compact Refrigerators In The Spotlight

Discover the newest in portable cooling options that combine functionality with contemporary design to keep your food and drinks fresh and easily accessible.

4L Mini Fridge

The 4L mini fridge cooler has cool and warm options and can drop to -64.4 °F below ambient and climb as high as +122 °F. The advanced sound considerate technology makes this mini skin care fridge run at a noise of below 38bd. It is a small mini fridge yet able to accommodate six 330ml cans of the product. It weighs only 4.08 lbs with a storage space of the entire storage compartment the same amount as 4 liters.

10L Portable Mini Fridge

A 10 litre mini fridge with internal dimensions of 7.9" x 5.9" x 11.2" would fit up to 10 cans of drinks. Moreover , it has adjustable shelves, which make storing different things easy. These fridges have operational noises of less than 25 decibels.

6L Mini Fridge

Our small mini fridge accommodates eight 330ml cans. This mini fridge with led lights will reach the minimum ambient temperature of 59 ℉ and attain maximum efficiency within two hours. Furthermore, these portable mini fridges also have a sensor for automatic control of the refrigerator's internal temperature. Plus, the addition of a soft PU handle for portability and to store food and drinks.

20 L Mini Fridge

This small white fridge goes as low as 23℃ degrees Celsius and as high as 60℃ degrees Celsius below and above the room's temperature, respectively. It has a touch-screen interface to allow exact temperature adjustment. Our mini-fridge has a space saving petite body and can contain up to 22 cans of 330ml beverage in its 20 L capacity with a weight of just 11.9 kg and a noise level of not more than 45 dB.

Why Opt For VEVOR Mini Fridges?

Why do you need VEVOR for your mini fridge cooler? Let us count the ways! VEVOR has a broad category of products. Its styles are complete to cater to any taste. We guarantee quality. Therefore, you can be sure about the high-quality materials and masterful processing of each of our mini-fridges. And the best part? VEVOR does not require you to dig a hole into your pocket; they offer quality products at affordable prices.

Refrain from letting the cooler, efficient, and stylish method of living pass you by. Act now and discover the VEVOR advantage for yourself!

FAQS About Mini Refrigerators

Q1: What should be the ideal temperature setting for a mini refrigerator?

A2: In most cases, the best temperature for mini fridges is between 34°F to 40°F (1°C to 4°C). It ensures the freshness of perishables without getting anything frozen. Set it at around 0°F for the freezer compartment (-18°C).

Q2: Can one store frozen foods in a mini refrigerator?

A2: A mini-fridge is mainly made for cooling, not freezing. Some of these models also have small freezer compartments that cannot store long-term store frozen food.

Q3: What is the best way to rid odors from a mini fridge?

A3: Place a bowl of baking soda or a container with activated charcoal in the fridge to eliminate the odors. Replace it regularly. Alternatively, you can clean inside with a water and vinegar combination that helps to remove bad smells.