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Magnetic Sweeper

Effortless Cleanup with Magnetic Sweeper - Grab and Go!

When it comes to ferrous clean-up, a magnetic sweeper is an important tool. Whether tackling soil, sludge, woodchips, shrink-wrap, mud, or other types of debris, the VEVOR forklift magnet will ensure the task is both fast and efficient. Our tool allows you to use your forklift to pick up ferrous metal debris quickly.

Utilizing high-quality materials, VEVOR magnetic sweepers are innovative, functional, and effective.  Our entire line of magnet sweepers carries a 12 months warranty.

Types of Magnetic Sweepers

Here are the types of VEVOR magnetic sweepers:

Large Magnetic Sweeper

VEVOR large magnetic sweepers come in two dimensions that are 84" and 72”. They cover a large area at a time, saving effort and time. The internal magnets of the 84-inch sweeper produce a strong magnetic force to lift items weighing up to 99 lbs. Our heavy-duty forklift-mounted sweeper uses high power to clear large areas of any hazardous ferrous debris.

Medium-sized Magnetic Sweeper

If you are looking for a medium-sized forklift magnet, then our 60” magnetic sweeper is perfect for you. It is designed with a heavy-duty aluminum casing and has several tightly-fixed lifting handles. Its internal magnets produce a strong magnetic force that can lift items weighing up to 77 lbs. You can easily attach it to your vehicle and then drive your car to clear the surface of metal debris.

Small Magnetic Sweeper

Our small magnetic sweepers come in two sizes that are 36” and 48”. The 36" magnetic sweeper can lift items weighing up to 55 lbs, and the 48” magnet can lift items weighing up to 66 lbs. They are capable of clearing any kind of metal debris from the surface. You can easily attach them to your vehicle to clear the surface of construction sites, factories, warehouses, etc.

Main Features and Functionality of Magnetic Sweeper

Here are the features of VEVOR magnetic sweepers:

Aluminum material: Our magnet sweepers are made of aluminum, and the accessory parts are made of steel. This makes our tool durable and strong.

Powerful magnet sweepers: The approximate lifting capacity of our large magnet forklift is 77 LBS. Our magnet sweepers are very powerful.

High suction range: Our magnet sweepers are controlled by a load release lever. Also, two eye bolts are installed on them for suspension purposes. They can pick debris from a large area with ease.

Easy suspension: You can easily hang the forklift forks on a vehicle to pick up metal debris spread over a large area.

How to Choose the Best Magnetic Sweeper 

Here are the things that you should consider while buying a magnetic sweeper:

Size and weight: Consider the size and weight of the sweeper according to the debris you need to pick up. 

Magnet strength: Choose a sweeper with a high-quality magnet to pick up metal debris efficiently and effectively. 

Build quality: Look for a sweeper that is made with high-quality materials and has a sturdy build. 

Portability: If you need to move the sweeper from one location to another, look for one that is lightweight and easy to transport. 

Price: Determine your budget and look for a sweeper that offers the best combination of features and value within your price range. 

Reviews: Read customer reviews and get opinions from other users to get a better idea of the performance and quality of different magnetic sweepers.

Applications of Magnetic Sweeper

Here are the applications of magnetic sweepers at various locations:

Automotive repair and maintenance shops: To clean up metal shavings and debris. 

Construction sites: To remove nails, screws, and other metal debris from the ground. 

Warehouse and factory floors: To pick up scrap metal and improve safety. 

Parking lots and outdoor areas: To remove dangerous metal debris. 

Airports and seaports: To remove metal debris from runways and docks.

Top-selling VEVOR Magnetic Sweeper

Hanging Magnet Sweeper

You can use our hanging magnet sweeper to remove metallic debris, such as nails, screws, or other metal objects, from a surface. It has a strong magnet attached to a handle, allowing it to be hung or dragged across the surface to pick up metal debris. VEVOR hanging magnet sweepers are commonly used in construction, industrial, and maintenance applications.

Magnetic Forklift Sweeper

Attach our magnetic forklift to the front of a forklift to attract and collect metal objects like nails, nut bolts, etc. VEVOR magnetic forklift sweepers are convenient and efficient for removing metal debris from large areas.

Magnet Sweeper

A magnet sweeper attracts metal objects and is commonly used in the construction, industrial, automotive, and recycling industries. We have a wide range of magnet sweepers of different sizes to suit various cleaning needs and environments.

FAQs: Magnetic Sweeper

Can magnetic sweepers pick up large pieces of metal? 

The size of metal that a magnetic sweeper can pick up depends on the strength of the magnet of the sweeper. Some magnetic sweepers are designed to pick up large pieces of metal, while others are better suited for smaller debris. 

Are magnetic sweepers suitable for outdoor use? 

Yes, magnetic sweepers can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What should I look for when choosing a magnetic sweeper? 

When choosing a magnetic sweeper, consider these factors: size and weight, magnet strength, build quality, portability, price, and customer reviews.