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Grab Handles

The Role Of VEVOR’s Grab Handles In Jeep Culture

Adventure and ruggedness reign supreme in the Jeep world. Therefore, any contribution to the aesthetics and functionality of these features is always welcome. In this world, Jeep grab handles have found their place as indispensable accessories. 

A group of friends going on a weekend off-road adventure does not only need these handles to feel remarkable among other off-roaders, but the stability and support the grab handles offer also mean much when traversing rough terrains. 

Grab handles for Jeeps are conversation starters. They allow Jeep enthusiasts to share their stories about the vehicle’s love, so VEVOR starts a conversation about it being a blend of flair and utility in this article. 

What is Grab Handle and How Does It Work?

A grab handle is a vehicle component that provides a secure grip or handhold. Typically, passengers use it to steady themselves in unstable scenarios like off-roading or sudden maneuvers during transit. 

Jeep grab handles are usually made from sturdy materials like rubber, plastic, or nylon to support the pressure of the hold on it during transit. Grab handles for Jeeps are usually placed in strategic positions, including above doors, the headliner, or on the A-Pillars, allowing passengers easy access to them for support. 

The installation and functioning of grab handles are straightforward. Passengers can simply grab onto them when they need stability, using them to hold themselves steady until the terrain improves. 

Why Do You Need Grab Handles For Jeeps?

Grab handles are more than just accessories for Jeeps. They are a functional part of the vehicles. With Jeep owners not minding rough terrains and adventurous situations, there is never a guarantee for a smooth ride.

So, Jeep handles have come in to save the day, providing stability, comfort and safety.


Safety is the first reason grab handles are an essential accessory for a Jeep. While navigating rough terrain, occupants of the vehicle can be uneasy. The lack of stability can lead to accidents, vehicle damage, bodily harm, and distraction for the driver, causing a bigger problem.

However, with grab handles available for people to grab onto when jostled, they can prevent being thrown off balance and keep themselves, other vehicle occupants, and the vehicle itself safe. 

Off-Road Stability

Grab handles are a must for off-road adventure enthusiasts. During off–road adventures, the terrains are usually rough, leading to a lot of jostling. With such challenging trails, vehicle occupants need anchors.

Grab handles are perfect anchors for off-roaders, ensuring they stay in their seats despite the rocky movements. 


Many Jeeps have a higher ground clearance, which can be daunting for people to enter and exit. The challenge is often more for children and shorter individuals, necessitating support to access the vehicle.

Grab handles can be positioned strategically in the vehicle, making them a suitable anchor for people entering and exiting the vehicle. 


While their functionality abounds, we cannot ignore grab handles' customization and style functions. They come in different types, colors and designs, making them suitable for Jeep owners to personalize their vehicles.

Also, grab handles are statement pieces in the Jeep community, and exploring them can create a sense of identity for Jeep owners. 

What To Look For When Buying Grab Handles For Jeeps

There are some factors to consider when purchasing a grab handle for Jeeps. Making an educated decision by considering these factors can help you choose a durable, functional, and cost-efficient grab handle set. 

Material And Durability

Manufacturers make grab handles from different materials, making the durability different. You should learn about different grab handle materials and go for the most reliable you find.

You can opt for handles made from metal components, heavy-duty nylon materials, and rubber. Also, ensure the handle has reinforced stitching and sturdy construction to withstand rigorous pull and holds. 

Installation Ease 

The way of installing and attaching grab handles differs and should be considered. Check for handles you can install easily without making complex vehicle modifications. Handles that do not require drilling but use adjustable straps and secure mounting points make installation easier. 

Load Capacity

Check the handle’s weight capacity before purchase. Only choose a grab handle that can support an average adult’s weight and be useful for everyone in an emergency. 

Grip And Comfort

Check for handles that provide a comfortable grip. This is particularly important if you use your vehicle for off-road rips or have children. The grip can determine how much people want to hold on to the grab handle, ensuring it serves its purpose.  

Why Choose VEVOR’s Grab Handles?

Choosing a Jeep’s grab handle does not end with compatibility, materials, and the rest; the brand also matters so much. When considering a brand to buy from, check the brand's reputation, reviews and recommendations. Also, check the grab handles' materials, adaptability, and durability. Finally, review the brand’s policy, sales methods, price, customer service, and after-purchase services. 

Considering all the factors, VEVOR is the best place to purchase your grip handle. With a sterling reputation built for about two decades in the machine industry, VEVOR is impeccable online and offline. 

We also produce our grab handles from highly durable materials, making VEVOR’s grab handles versatile and reliable. With our 24-hour customer service, you can inquire about VEVOR’s grab handles around the clock. Conclusively, our warranty communicates that we are putting our honor on the line to ensure you get a great product you will enjoy. 

FAQs About Grab Handles 

Are grab handles after-market accessories in Jeeps?

Some Jeeps come equipped with grab handles as a part of their design. However, some owners opt to install grab handles on their vehicles after purchase. Off-road adventure seekers opt for these primarily for additional support and convenience. 

Where are grab handles typically installed in Jeeps?

You can typically find grab handles on a vehicle's interior frame or roll bar. You can find them in the A-pillar, above the doors, and on the rear sides. The placing allows passengers to hold onto them for stability during driving. 

Can you use grab handles to attach accessories and additional gears?

Yes, there are grab handles designed with additional loops or hangers for hanging lightweight accessories and gears. This function contributes to their utility, giving people another reason to purchase beyond stability.