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Truck Tent

Truck Tents by VEVOR: A Comprehensive Outdoor Shelter Solution

Take your outdoor adventures to new heights with a truck tent—an innovative solution that turns your truck into a comfortable haven in the wilderness. Perfect for camping enthusiasts, tailgaters, and traveler enthusiasts, truck tents provide unmatched versatility and convenience. VEVOR stands as your trusted partner when it comes to enhancing your outdoor experiences—our range of tents for pickup trucks attests to this fact.

But what are truck tents, and how do you choose the best truck bed tent? Stay with us, as we will discuss it all in the lines below.

Types of Truck Tents

Truck tents can come in various sizes, configurations, and materials. Here are some types and materials of truck tents you may wish to explore:

Standard Truck Bed Tent

This style of tent is specifically designed to fit over the bed of your truck. Standard truck bed tents provide a comfortable sleeping area that is safe and elevated off the ground. At VEVOR, we offer various standard camp tents for trucks, such as this double-layer tent. Like our many other tents, this is compatible with various trucks such as Ford F150, Dodge Ram 1500, GMC Sierra, and Chevrolet Silverado for optimal use.

Rooftop Tent for Camping Truck

Rooftop truck tents, as the name suggests, are installed on the roof of the truck. These tents offer maximum protection and added visibility from external elements. Also, they offer the highest vantage point, in addition to fresh air.

Pop-Up Truck Tents

Pop-up truck tents are the epitome of convenience. They can be set up in minutes, thanks to their pre-attached poles that expand into shape when unfolded. Perfect for those who value simplicity and speed in their camping setup.

Truck Tent Camper

These truck tents are specifically designed as complete camping setups, offering sleeping areas, storage solutions, and kitchenettes. For instance, see our SUV camping solution. Equipped with thickened 9 mm fiberglass support poles and a waterproof rating of up to PU2000, they can withstand force-5 winds and heavy rains. On top of that, they are compatible with a range of SUVs, minivans, crossovers, etc.

Note, however, that truck tent campers tend to be more expensive than standard bed tents.

Materials Used in Truck Tents


Most truck tents are typically made out of polyester. One of the key benefits of using polyester is that it is both lightweight and waterproof, providing ultimate weather protection. At VEVOR, we offer superior weather protection—our tents for the back of truck are made of Oxford cloth, enhanced with a double-layer tent with a rainfly that effectively prevents fierce wind and heavy rainfall.


Most truck bed tents use fiberglass support poles, which are lightweight, durable, and flexible. Its strength and flexibility make it an excellent choice for supporting tent structures, providing stability in various weather conditions. Besides, tent poles made from fiberglass are resistant to corrosion and can withstand bending and stress—perfect for outdoor conditions.

PU Coating

Some truck tents feature a PU coating for added waterproofing and UV protection, as well as to meet environmental needs for extreme weather conditions. For instance, VEVOR offers tents with up to PU2000 waterproof ratings for added protection in extreme conditions and double-layer designs that can withstand adverse conditions like stormy winds.

Why Do You Need Truck Tents?

Truck tents are not exclusively reserved for one type of adventure—they’re quite versatile and adaptable, offering solutions for an assortment of outdoor activities.

Below, we have listed some reasons why investing in a truck tent can enrich your outdoor experiences.  

Elevate Your Camping Experience

Imagine camping under the stars while experiencing all of the comforts and conveniences provided by a Camping tent for trucks. Instead of sleeping directly on damp ground or uneven terrain, your truck bed provides a perfect place where you’ll rest peacefully each night.

Easy and Hassle-Free Setup

Setting up truck tents is easy—gone are the days of struggling with traditional tents with complex poles. Installing camper tents takes mere minutes and is more robustly installed than their traditional counterparts.

Versatility Across Environments

Truck tents are built for adaptability, and you can use them in various camping environments—woods, desert, or mountains. Let the terrain not restrict you—using your truck bed provides a stable platform on which you can set up shelter.

Weather-Resistant Comfort

Truck tents are built to withstand harsh elements. Equipped with rainflies, durable fabrics, and strong zippers, truck tents will keep you dry on unpredictable rainstorms while providing shade on sunny days alike.

Increased Security

By sleeping above the ground in a truck bed tent, an increased level of protection is added to your camping experience. Incidences of wildlife encounters will decrease while your gear remains safe from potential theft or loss in its truck cab or bed.

Truck Bed Tents Provide Versatility in Camping Scenarios

Truck bed tents offer an effective, secure, and comfortable camping solution perfect for solo adventurers as well as family camping adventures. Whether you are camping, fishing, or on your overlanding expeditions, truck tents have you covered. There is something to fit every camping scenario available from different sizes that cater to every camping scenario.

How to Choose the Perfect Camping Tents for Truck Beds?

Size of the Truck Bed Tent

Size matters—the tent has to fit the bed of your truck. Make sure to measure your truck bed and choose a tent for the bed of the truck that matches the dimensions. VEVOR offers truck tents in different sizes, ranging from 5-foot to full-size 8.5 ft., and compatible with various types of trucks.

Material of the Truck Tent

The material of the truck tent can affect its durability, waterproofing, and weight. Most truck tents are made of polyester, but not all polyester is made equal. At VEVOR, we offer waterproof truck tents made of Oxford cloth with a waterproof rating of up to PU2000 and a double-layer design. You sure are safe from extreme weather conditions!

Capacity of the Camping Tent for Truck

Consider how many people will be sleeping in the truck tent and choose a tent that can accommodate them comfortably. VEVOR offers truck tents with a diverse capacity range. If you are a couple, we recommend buying a 6.5 ft Truck Tent with a sleeping capacity of 2-3 persons. But if you want a more spacious tent, we have a solution: 8’ SUV Tent Attachment for Camping.

Features of the Tent

Lastly, additional features. Look for features that can enhance your camping experience, such as a rainfly, storage pockets, and ventilation. Besides, the tents should be easy to assemble and transport.

Why Choose VEVOR?

VEVOR stands out as an outstanding option when it comes to truck tent needs for multiple reasons. Our selection includes high-quality truck tents in various sizes and capacities to accommodate a range of groups, from solo travelers to couples and families. Also, our truck tents are known for their durability, ease of setup, and weather protection properties—our excellent customer reviews are a testament to it.

At VEVOR, we are proud of our commitment to delivering quality; that’s something we never compromise on! At the same time, we keep affordability at the heart of our offerings. Superior quality and affordable prices are the core philosophy behind VEVOR’s increasing popularity.

Lastly, we ship fast—and safely!