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Salt Spray Chamber

Global Guardians: VEVOR's Salt Spray Rigs as Sentinels of Durability

The quest for durable, resilient and advanced materials keeps the engineering world moving and helps produce high-quality inventions. With enough technology, manufacturers and inventors can test how long their products may be used, even right from the production phase, ensuring they only give the best they can to the world.

The salt spray rig is the champion of durability, which has shown its value across industries. The invention has been a crucial part of production processes, from corrosion testing to quality control, evaluation, regulation compliance, predictive maintenance, research, and development. As a producer ourselves, VEVOR stands at the center of the salt spray durability for ourselves and others.

What Are Salt Spray Rigs?

Also known as a salt spray chamber or salt fog chamber, a salt spray rig is a specialized testing device that simulates real-life situations to evaluate the corrosive effects of salt on various materials. These rigs create a controlled environment replicating the corrosive impact of saltwater mist or fog on materials, allowing one to test for the material’s resistance to corrosion quickly.

The Relevance Of Salt Spray Rigs To Various Industries

Various industries are hooked with salt spray rigs. The reason for this is beyond magical, but the fact is that these machines have contributed immensely to enhancing their quality. Also, using salt spray rigs to predict a product’s lifespan helps prevent accidents and ensure longevity.

Therefore, some industries cannot do without them. They include:

Automotive And Aerospace

The automotive and aerospace industries use a salt spray to ensure durability and safety. By testing the corrosive resistance of automotive parts and aerospace components, these industries can determine the best materials to use. Also, they ensure the reliability of the machines, especially in high-salt regions like a snowy or coastal climate and a high salt-level flying altitude.


The electronic industry finds salt spraying indispensable in assessing the quality of coatings on electronic components. Not only do these tests ensure the reliability of these products in places with high salt levels, but they also help prevent accidents and ensure safety in using consumer electronic products.


The marine industry faces constant exposure to salt water. Therefore, the salt spray rigs are crucial to them. Testing the corrosion resistance of materials used in marine equipment, offshore platforms, and vessels is a good way for them to check the materials’ weaknesses in a controlled environment.


In the world of reviews and referrals, manufacturers cannot afford to put out products of low quality. Therefore, product makers go the extra mile in doing quality control. The salt spray chamber is a major quality control equipment for most manufacturers. Giving them an idea of the corrosion resistance level of materials helps them ensure they only use the best material they can find.

Most Popular Salt Spray Rigs on VEVOR

VEVOR has a salt spray rig for everyone, with a variety of our products making waves in the market. However, having favorites is a human quality that enhances us to grow and become better. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the market buyers prefer some of VEVOR’s salt spray rigs over others.

VEVOR 40L & 120L Digital Salt Spray Chamber

VEVOR’s digital salt spray rigs are favorites because of their easy-to-use digital panels. With their ability to conduct various salt spray tests, including ASTM B117, ISO 2074, and JIS Z 237, many industries can embrace them. The 40L rig is ideal for small to medium-scaled operations, while the 120L makes testing larger specimens or multiple specimens simultaneously easy.

VEVOR Walk-In Salt Spray Chamber

VEVOR’s walk-in salt spray chamber is a darling of the automotive and aerospace industry. Ideal for testing larger or multiple specimens, this salt spray rig is a gem that makes testing work in these industries easier.

VEVOR Cyclic Salt Spray Chamber

This salt-spray rig is more realistic as it alternates between cyclic operations of salt exposure and drying. It perfectly imitates the real world, where the materials are not always exposed to a high-salt environment.

VEVOR Humidity Salt Spray Chamber

This rig is ideal for materials exposed to high humidity or tropical environments, like the marine industry. It combines salt spray with adequate humidity exposure.

Why Choose Durability With VEVOR?

VEVOR is a leading machine and manufacturing company today, not by luck or chance but through the hard work and resources we have put into developing over the years. You can find VEVOR’s products in over 200 countries worldwide, testifying to the quality we have been giving out due to our dedication to producing affordable quality machines.

With VEVOR being a mainstream machine maker, our salt spray rigs are not just products but a testament to our dedication to quality. With a wide variety of VEVOR’s salt spray rigs that can serve different functions across variable industries, VEVOR has a rig for everyone to guarantee market quality.

What is more interesting is that these salt spray rigs are competitively priced, making them an affordable option for everyone. With clear and precise instructions, VEVOR’s salt spray rigs are easy to use.

FAQs About Salt Spray Rigs

Can salt spray testing predict the exact lifespan of a material?

Salt spray tests don’t tell us a material or coating’s lifespan. Instead, it provides a relative measure of corrosive resistance, which can indirectly affect longevity. Other field factors can affect the corrosion, making it slightly unreliable but a good start.

What are the limitations of salt spray testing?

The salt spray rig testing is not without its drawbacks. It is an accelerated test method that does not exactly replicate the real-world situation, making it challenging to predict using it precisely. Therefore, you should consider it an indicator rather than an actual measurement.

How long do salt spray tests typically last?

A salt spray test duration can last between a couple of hours to several hundreds of hours. The duration usually depends on the material being tested and the standard being followed. Some of the globally popular salt spray test standards are ASTM B117, ISO 9227, and DIN 50021.  

What are the test conditions in a salt spray rig?

The test conditions in a salt spray rig include checking the concentration of the salt solution, temperature, humidity, duration of exposure, and the specific test cycle as per the chosen standard or specification.