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Matt Knight

Very impressed, sturdy and smooth.

I was using a large firepit bbq in an outbuilding and it was getting too smoky to bear. I built a platform so that I could slide it out and push back in when done. The problem was it’s a firepit uk outdoor kitchen which weighs circa 110kg without any wood stacked on it. I reckon it’s near 150kg as I have it loaded up. These were easy to install with 8mm coach bolts and screws and even on maximum extension the deflection is minimal. Time will tell if the bearings hold up, hopefully they will as this has given me a great solution to my problem. I’ve uploaded a video to Amazon showing how easy/smooth it now is to push my 150kg bbq back into place.

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Lee Johnson

42” drawer sliders

Really good quality. Excellent delivery

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cortney miller

Heavy duty!!

Well these say they can hold 500lbs. I honestly believe they can! I used them to hold my new aquarium I installed into my kitchen bar. It slides out so I can change the filter,etc.. Total weight on these is approx 375lbs. And they slide like a hot knife through butter!! Highly recommend!!

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Bree LeMire

Very sturdy, glides smoothly

Very sturdy, glides smoothly, works perfectly for my application

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Vevor Customer

Sturdy slides

I used these slides to build a truck bed storage cabinet.

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