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Deck Post Base

Sturdy Deck Post Bases for Reliable Outdoor Structures

If you are a DIY enthusiast, building a deck can be a rewarding and enjoyable project! But, due to the need for strong structural support, the whole process will require some careful planning and preparation. Among all the aspects of deck construction, having a reliable deck post base is very crucial. This one is the part that connects the deck posts to the deck's post base plate and foundation. 

Here you will know the importance of deck post base in deck post support, and how to select the right one for your deck project!

The Importance of Deck Post Brackets and Deck Post Support

A deck is always a great addition to any home! It provides not only a comfortable outdoor space for relaxing but also a great place for entertaining guests and family members. And, whenever you are involved in a deck construction project, you want to guarantee that the end result is strong, safe, and long-lasting. 

One way to do so is to ensure the strength of the deck support, which is the part that holds up the entire deck and distributes the load above to the ground below. For your information, deck support typically consists of the deck posts, the post base, and the post brackets. These components ensure that your deck is stable and secure, while also preventing your deck from twisting or cracking due to stress.

Types and Features of Deck Support

Deck post support is important for the durability of your deck, as it helps to prevent the posts from sagging or collapsing over time. It can be made of treated lumber or metal and can be installed in different ways. 

One commonly known example is the deck post brackets. These devices attach and secure the posts to the joists, and depending on the type and size of the support posts and beams, you can use different shapes and sizes.

Another type of deck post support is the post base plate, which has a flat surface that rests on the deck's foundation. This post base component should be bolted or anchored, and, once properly installed, it will protect the posts from moisture and movement.

Besides deck post brackets and plates, you may also find bridgings, which are placed diagonally between two deck joists. Despite the many available types, these deck post components are generally used to help in load distribution and prevent bending on the deck's structure.

More importantly, when it comes to using different deck structure support, you should consider your budget, design, and the code required in your area. These all are important to ensure that you are creating an excellent deck that won't cause you any problems in the future.

Choosing the Right Deck Structure Support

There are a lot of factors that affect the selection of deck structure support. So, below we will show you some tips and advice on how to choose the right support posts, post brackets, and post base for your deck project.

  • Deck’s Shape and Size

The larger and more complex your deck is, the more support posts and brackets you will need. For example, if your deck is very large or has heavy furniture, you will need more posts and brackets to support the weight and shape of your deck.

The shape and size of your deck also affect the placement of the posts and brackets. They must be spaced evenly along the perimeter of the deck, especially at the corners and intersections. You may ask your local authorities about the required code that discusses this matter.

  • Deck’s Foundation

Which post support you should choose also depends on the type of foundation you have. If you have a concrete slab it is best that you use a bolt-on post support. To install it, you will need to drill holes in the concrete foundation and insert bolts to attach the supporting component.

If you have a deck frame made from treated lumber, it is better that you get a nail-on post base. You will need to use several hammer nails to secure the post. Still, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions for the proper installation method of your post support.

  • Environmental Condition

If you live somewhere humid or in a place that rains a lot, you should only buy metal or plastic deck post support materials. And, you should ensure that the components you buy are specifically coated and treated to prevent rust and corrosion.

Otherwise, if you live in a sunny area, it makes sense for you to choose wood support brackets and bases. Still, you must ensure that they are stained or painted. These processes are crucial to prevent rot and decay. Also, you should also pick up a material that is proper for your climate and temperature.

Popular Deck Post Support Recommendations on VEVOR

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These products come with screws and a wrench for easy installation and can be used to protect your deck's posts from moisture and insects. When buying one of these products, make sure you have calculated the posts' dimensions so you can order the right size.

Why Choose VEVOR?

If you are looking for the best deck post base support products, you can trust VEVOR to provide you with them! Its products are reasonably priced and are available for different types and sizes of wood posts and foundations, making them a great choice for those on a budget. What makes it even better is that you can enjoy discounts on some products.