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Commercial Evaporator Machine

Get Your VEVOR Maple Syrup Pan To Whip Up  Liquid Gold

You're tapping maple trees outside in the brisk early spring air to gather the priceless sap. It's time to create the delicious, sweet syrup ideal for pancakes, waffles, and more out of those buckets full of clear, watery sap. This is where the VEVOR maple syrup pan comes in, transforming your sap into maple syrup, a liquid form of gold!

This kitchen companion will change how you make syrup, from quicker evaporation to improved flavor. So join us as we use VEVOR to learn how to transform sap into golden syrup. It's time to bring your syrup aspirations to life with the VEVOR food preparation equipment.

Find Your Ideal Maple Syrup Pan

Maple syrup evaporator pans are available in a variety of styles and configurations; each one catered to the unique requirements of maple syrup makers. Check out the following pans to find out yours.

Arch-Style Evaporator Pan

Arch-Style maple syrup evaporator pan is among the most traditional types used in manufacturing maple syrup. Stainless steel or other heat-resistant materials are typically used in their production. Arch-pans are shallow and flat, which is effective for evaporation. These pans are put over a wood-fired arc or stove. After being poured into the pan, the sap is heated by the fire underneath, causing it to boil and evaporate, leaving pure maple syrup behind.


Drop-Flue Evaporator Pan

Drop-Flue pans are a step ahead of arch-style pans. They have flues that assist in spreading the sap uniformly across the pan's surface, enabling better boiling and improved syrup production. This design is well-known for its effectiveness in transferring heat and better syrup quality.

Divided-Pan Evaporator

Divided pan evaporators have more than one pan within a single pan. The evaporation process is better controlled because each compartment can be managed individually. Small-scale or hobbyist maple syrup makers will find this design to be beneficial.

Continuous-Flow Evaporator

Continuous-flow maple syrup pan is for manufacturing maple syrup on a big scale for commercial use. It consists of several pans in a series, stacked one on top of the other. This pan allows the sap to continuously flow through it, gradually concentrating as it descends the line. With this arrangement, a vast amount of sap can be processed quickly.

Maintenance Of Maple Syrup Evaporator Pan

To maintain the pan, before the start of the sugaring season, many makers of maple syrup choose to season their pans. To do this, carefully preheat the pan over low heat while adding a small quantity of syrup to the top. This makes a shield and can increase the syrup supply.

Clean your maple syrup pan well after each usage. Wash the area with warm, soapy water using a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to clean up any remaining syrup. While creating the syrup, check the pan's surface for burnt or caramelized areas, and rinse them off while the pan is hot. This stops the accumulation of residue.

Some manufacturers apply food-grade oil, such as mineral or vegetable oil, to the pan's surface to ward off rust. Lastly, Clean and dry spaces are the best places to keep your maple syrup pans. A small amount of moisture over time can cause corrosion or rust.

Factors To Weigh When Buying Evaporator Pan

To choose from the variety of products, you must consider and weigh a few factors to plan an informed decision to avoid regret later. So, here are the pointers you need to check out.

Size and Capacity

Be sure to calculate how much sap you'll be processing. Pick a pan that fits the scale of your production. Hobbyists should use smaller pans, while businesses should use larger, multi-pan sets.


Choose the design that best fits your preferences, space constraints, and production objectives. The design can affect the effectiveness of evaporation and syrup quality.


Heat-resistant material is typically used to make an evaporator pan. Stainless steel is a common material since it is strong and simple to maintain. Take into account the material's corrosion resistance and heat conductivity.

Heat Source

The use of pans is possible with electric, gas, or wood-fired arches. The decision has an impact on usability and energy efficiency. Think about what is most affordable and convenient for you.

In-Demand Maple Syrup Evaporator Pans At VEVOR

VEVOR, dominating the market, has established itself with outstanding products to facilitate you and be a helpful part of your life. If you're considering buying our evaporator pan, we are laying out our customer favorites in front of you.

36x24x6-Inch Maple Syrup Pan 

This maple evaporator pan is made of 1.5mm 304 food-grade thick stainless steel, making it superheat and corrosion-resistant. It can process about 22.4 gallons of sap, producing 339 250 ml bottles of maple syrup. This stainless steel evaporator pan has a ¾-inch valve, which allows you to control flow rate and pour the syrup into different vessels.

24x18x6-Inch Maple Evaporator Pan

This exceptional evaporator pan is top-notch with 304 food-grade stainless steel with a mirror-finished surface. This maple syrup boiling pan can manage up to 11 gallons of sap and produces 169 250 ml bottles of maple syrup. This syrup pan works with various heating sources, including firewood, charcoal, and propane gas stoves.

36x24x18.5-Inch Evaporator Pan

This stainless steel pan has a feed tank, a divider board, and two 3/4-inch throttle valves that make it easier to create maple syrup. It can process almost 35 gallons of sap, producing 535 250 ml bottles of maple syrup. These maple evaporator pans for sale at VEVOR are ideal for BBQ sauces, doughnuts, waffles, and porridge.

48x24x19-Inch Maple Evaporator Pan

This 2×4 evaporator pan, like all other VEVOR evaporator pans, is made of the highest quality 22 gauge 304 stainless steel. This TIG welded pain is remarkably solid and void of any liquid leakage. It can manage an incredible 47-gallon sap and produce 714 bottles of 250ml maple syrup. The inclusion of a feed tank and divider board really strengthen the pan.

Why VEVOR For Maple Syrup Pan

To accommodate diverse production scales and likes, VEVOR produces a variety of maple syrup pans in different dimensions and designs. The pans made by VEVOR contain cutting-edge design features like accurate temperature control features and effective heat dispersion systems.VEVOR maple syrup pans have user-friendly features. Many different distribution channels, including online markets, frequently carry VEVOR items. The customer care and support provided by VEVOR are renowned. They offer comprehensive product documentation, helpful customer assistance, and product guarantees.

FAQs About Maple Syrup Evaporator Pan

Q1: Can I switch a wood-fired maple syrup pan with an arch design to propane or natural gas?

A1: It is possible to convert a wood-fired pan to gas, but doing so calls for particular adjustments. Speaking with an expert technician is advisable for a safe and effective conversion.

Q2: Are drop-flue pans superior to conventional arch-style pans for a small operation?

A2: Drop-flue maple syrup evaporator pans are a fantastic option even for small-scale producers who desire high-quality syrup since they can provide better temperature control and more even heating.

Q3: What does my maple syrup's density mean, and how can I measure it precisely?

A3: A syrup's grade and quality depend on its density. To ensure it satisfies your market's requirements, measure it with a hydrometer or refractometer.