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Auto Doughnut Maker

Auto Doughnut Maker

A hot and delicious batch of doughnuts is a crowd-gatherer and suits every occasion. So it's hard to say no to fluffy, crispy, perfectly shaped doughnuts with favorite toppings. We have an exceptional range of auto doughnut makers that practice perfection to simplify your cooking.

These machines let you deliver fresh and delicious doughnuts as per your requirements. Some of our most loved auto doughnut makers are:

Commercial Automatic Donut Making Machine 

Our range of commercial automatic doughnut-making machines is one solution for all the delicate processes of doughnut-making. It effectively performs doughnut forming, dripping, frying, turning, and outputting into one. In addition, all these stages can be controlled with temperature and time settings.

Donut Depositor  

Our doughnut depositor machine is a great way of creating perfectly shaped doughnuts from the batter. You have to pour the batter and can select from six sizes of doughnuts to make various doughnuts.

 Donut Fryer Manual Commercial Mini Donut Maker 

VEVOR presents the most amazing manual doughnut fryers, which are time-saving, efficient, and advanced. Add the batter to a 9-liter container, adjust thickness, and doughnut shape. The perfect doughnuts are then fried and collected in a temporary tray. The high-quality build and flexibility make it amazing.

Types of Auto Doughnut Makers

Here are some popular types:

Single row: VEVOR 110V commercial automatic doughnut-making machine features single row and 7-litre batter capacity. You must add the batter to the hopper and set the temperature and time settings—the automatic forming, temperature control, and flipping save time and energy. Furthermore, the high-quality stainless steel, accessories, three mold shapes, and thickness make it the best pick.

2 Rows: Our commercial automatic doughnut-making machine has two rows of doughnuts for more efficient doughnut-making. It increases the number of doughnuts made in minimum time. The stainless steel body, accessories, and control help you deliver desired golden doughnuts. Moreover, you can add toppings to the doughnuts too. It makes steps fully automated and very precise.

4 Rows: Our VEVOR commercial automatic doughnut-making machine featuring four rows is a blessing for doughnut makers. It can make 1800 pieces of doughnuts per hour and features four different doughnut molds. Moreover, the stainless steel built, temperature and time controls, and other features make it one of the best commercial doughnut-making machines.

6 Rows: Our commercial automatic doughnut-making machine with six rows can make 2700 doughnuts per hour. With six doughnut molds, time and temperature settings, and shape and thickness options, it's the most versatile machine. Creating such a large number of pieces that are perfectly cooked is excellent.

The Main Features and Functionality of Auto Doughnut Maker

Here are some main features and functionality of our auto doughnut makers:

Stainless Steel Body: AT VEVOR, we feature all the auto doughnut makers, dispensers, and frying machines having sturdy and tough stainless steel bodies. The 304 stainless steel is safe and smooth and ensures easy cleaning.

Multifunctional use: Our VEVOR automatic commercial doughnut-making machine ensures donut forming, dripping, frying, turning, and outputting into one. Moreover, manual machines provide perfect frying and collection. In addition, there are molds of various thicknesses and shapes, allowing users to add versatility to doughnuts.

Advanced Controls: Our range of automatic commercial doughnut-making machines has a control panel with advanced features. For example, you can control the temperature and time of each step and automate the process easily.

Large Capacity Hopper: Our machine minimizes the time of making multiple donuts with large-capacity hoppers. The mixing and creating of numerous donuts according to capacity are applaudable. You can get more than a thousand pieces in one hour.

Applications of Auto Doughnut Maker:Auto doughnut makers use precise step-by-step processes for making fluffy and crispy donuts. It helps you maximize the output in minimum time and can be used in various places like:

Various catering industries






How to Choose the Best Auto Doughnut Makers

Here are some considerations for choosing the best auto doughnut makers:

Check the build: The machine must be solid enough to treat the batters, transfer it for frying, and other processes. Therefore, having a stainless steel body is highly recommended. In addition, the knobs, accessories, and additional handles must be sturdy.

The number of options: It is better to get several options concerning the number of doughnut pieces delivered in an hour, mold shapes, and thickness. It will help you add versatility to the doughnuts.

Voltage requirements: You must check the voltage range, which should be compatible with your facility's needs. It will help you avoid future electrical problems.

Precise controls: For making perfect doughnuts, you should be able to adjust each step. An automatic machine can control the temperature and time for desired results.

FAQs: Auto Doughnut Maker

Are doughnut makers worth it?

Doughnut makers are worth it as they help you make the perfect batter, frying doughnuts, shapes, and thickness. You can set the temperature and time and get many batches in one go.

What is doughnut batter made of?

Doughnut batter comprises all-purpose flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, and butter. In addition, you can add more enhancing flavors to add versatility to the taste.

What is the cost of a commercial automatic doughnut machine?

Depending on the features, a commercial doughnut-making machine can vary from $100 to $2000. It includes the number of doughnut pieces it can make in one hour, the batter capacity, temperature, time controls, shapes and thickness features, etc.