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Air Hose Reel

VEVOR Air Hose Reel To Avoid Kinks and Tangles

Just envision yourself in your awesome workshop, ready to fix, construct, or create something awesome. However, those messy air hoses are playing hide-and-seek once more to transform your cool project into a frustrating exercise. Well, guess what? There's a superhero called VEVOR air Hose reel for your workshop adventures. With a single pull like a wizard, you cast a spell, extending your air hose. No knots, no tangles, pure pneumatic might at your command.

The retractable air hose reel ensures that your working space is tidy at all times while the pneumatic tools connected to it operate at their optimum level. The VEVOR Air Hose Reel is your ticket to efficiency, accuracy, and a worker-friendly workspace. VEVOR is a real deal when it comes to power tool parts & accessories. Explore More!

Our Offering Of Air Hose Reels

Let's break down the cool gang of air hose reels. Each of these is special; therefore, let us discuss how they perform and why consider allowing one into your workspace.

Retractable Air Hose Reels

Consider it as a self-rolling tape measure. It pulls out to the length you need when you gently tug it. When done, set it free, and it comes back on its own. This is due to a spring-loaded device that does all the coiling.

The retractable hose reel keeps everything neat, eliminates tripping hazards and lengthens the life of your hose, preventing kinking.

Manual Air Hose Reels

You're in control here. You turn the handle, and it's almost like pulling in a fishing line. The hose winds itself back to the reel by your manual effort. Straightforward, effective, and that sense of hands-on satisfaction.

Affordable, hands-on experience, and ideal for situations when you want to be the one to make things happen.

Motor-Driven Air Hose Reels

Press a button, and the motor will do all the hard work. This provides a more advanced solution by use of an electric or pneumatic motor, which takes charge of the winding and unwinding process. It's like getting a little assistant for your hose.

A suitable model, less manual work from your side, and faster and more automatic hose retrieval.

Keeping Air Hose Reel Durable

Discover how to prolong the life of your air hose reel with these simple guidelines. Make regular maintenance a breeze and observe the long-term effects on the longevity of your equipment.

Cleanliness Is Key

Regularly clean the hose reel to remove dust, debris and other impurities. A happy reel is a clean reel!

Check For Leaks

Inspect around the connections for leaks. Ensure everything is properly tightened if you come across any. It is just like throwing the money down the drain with a leaky hose!

Inspect The Hose

Take care to look on the hose for any wear and tear. Replace it if you see any cracks or damage. Safety first, right?

Oil it Up

Just like a squeaky door, your hose reel needs some oil to remain smooth. Lubricate lightly the moveables to prevent rust and easy retraction.

Don't Overextend

Do not strain the hose. It causes unreasonable stress to the reel and leads to premature wear. Treat it well, and it will last long.

Important Pointers For The Selection Of Air Hose Reel

Be an educated customer by being aware of the important characteristics of an air hose with reel. Following guidelines simplifies the choosing of a reel to ensure a smooth experience.

Length Matters

Consider the hose length. If you make it too short, you are stuck, and too long, it is a tangled mess. Get the drama-free sweet spot, where you can move freely.

Easy-Peasy Retraction

Smooth retraction is another game-changer. Who would like to be dealing with their hose like a dog on a leash? Choose no-fuss, effortless pull and return action.

Built Tough

Check the material. Steel or reinforced plastic? It should be a reel which snarls at wear and tear. Your reel should be able to handle the power tools and make them as simple to use as possible.

Mounting Magic

Where's it gonna live? Wall-mounted or floor-standing? Find what is best suited to your space. It's like finding your ideal plant spot, but this one helps you construct stuff!

Pressure Check

Look at the pressure rating. The power should not break a sweat on your reel. Think of it as a superhero standing up to forces of nature.

VEVOR Premium-Quality Air Hose Reels

With VEVOR's high-grade air hose reels, you will enjoy quality like never before. Let's look into what sets these reels apart from the competition.

3/8″ x 50′ Hybrid polymer hose reel

The hybrid polymer hose in 3/8″x 50′ length with the working pressure at 300 PSI provides connectivity for air tools in ¼" NPT. This VEVOR air hose reel makes possible the use of hose freely and without kinks. This does not imply that you should pull hard on the hose; just a light jerk will do and it will rewind smoothly. Plus, this 50 ft air hose reel is equipped with an 180-degree rotating pedestal that provides mounting flexibility on the building's roof, floor or wall. It is ideal for auto shops, workshops, home studios, garages, and also mobile mechanics.

1/2″x50' Auto Rewind Hybrid Hose Reel

Premium Commercial 1-1/2″ x 50' Hybrid Polymer Hose with Working Pressure of 300 PSI/20 BAR and 3/4" (MNPT) connections. It is very durable and flexible to bend. The retractable air hose with reel uses professional steel to guard it against possible hitting, thus protecting it from any damages. Non-snag rollers guide air hoses towards reducing wear, kinks, and tangling under pressures. You can use the highest quality ½ inch air hose reel for industrial or do-it-yourself settings.

3/8 "x100' Hybrid Polymer Hose Reel

The days of messy hoses are gone. Hybrid polymer 3/8" x 100' premium hose which works at 300 psi with 1/4″ NPT couplings. It undergoes complete heat treatment with a powder coating finish that can withstand extreme conditions. It has an adjustable stopper so you can lock it at any length of choice to keep it in place at all times. Our multi-functional ⅜" air hose reel works well with paint guns, nail guns and wrenches, ideal for commercial or residential applications.

VEVOR Stands For Air Hose Reels. Why?

There are so many reasons why VEVOR is the best in the category of air hose reels. VEVOR offers many types of air hose reels. We've got you on everything. We have their reels for industrial settings and DIY projects. VEVOR doesn't follow the one-size-fits-all approach. Our air hose reels are available in diverse designs, making sure there's a right fit for every user. VEVOR's philosophy is based on quality and excellence. VEVOR hose reels are designed and made from solid materials, which will withstand heavy usage. VEVOR provides high-quality air hose reels at pocket-friendly prices. Excellence, minus the cost. Act now, discover our offer and purchase an air hose that combines the variety, quality and price.

FAQs About Air Hose Reels

Q1: How come hose doesn't wind the reel back?

A1: The hose can become twisted inside the reel due to the frequent use of just the first part of its length. Simply undo the hose entirely and allow it to coil on its own to avoid this and enable the hose guiding system to function.

Q2: Can I connect multiple air tools to a single air hose with reel?

A2: In general, it's best to use different reels for every air equipment to prevent pressure drops and guarantee reliable operation. Several tools connected together could result in less airflow, which would affect how well each tool performs.

Q3: Is it possible to add a longer hose to my air reel so that it has a greater reach?

A3: Don't do that, even though it seems doable. Changing the hoses might reduce the balance and make the reel less functional.